What happens at our newborn photo sessions ?

Everyone always has lots of questions about their photo shoot, so we’ve gathered together all the common queries and put them all together here for you. Please take a few minutes to go over everything here, as it will help you get the most from your portrait session.

What happens, how long does it take ?

Newborn portrait sessions can take anything from 90 minutes to 2 1/2 hours… we never like to rush them, and we always leave plenty time… and have plenty t-bags & biscuits.
Baby will need fed, changed… and then time to relax again. You can sit back and relax for most of the session, even watch tv on our 75″ screen.

Infants & cake smashes are a bit more streamlined at 60-90 minutes on average.

When you arrive… park right at our door

You’ll have carriers, bags, food, nappies and of course… baby… so make sure you drive right up to our door at the far side of the building. We should be there to greet you, but you’ll be coming in through the outside door with the big GWS logo on it, drop your bags & coats in our client waiting room…. then taken through to the studio with a cuppa to settle you in and relax into baby’s photo shoot.

We’ll send you directions with the emails and texts we’ll send you so watch out for those too.

What do you need to tell us ?

We’ll send you an information gathering form via email, sp please watch out for that and fill it in as soon as you can. It really does help plan the perfect shoot for you.
The more we know in advance the better as we can plan the layouts, lighting outfits/props.
If you are having a cake smash during your session (make sure you tell us in advance so we can prepare for the carnage lol) – some of our cake-smash packages include the cake, balloons etc

Remember to bring nappies and wipes and feed… and any special toys or memory gifts anything to make the portraits more special.

And please feel free to pop by anytime to have a pre-shoot visit/chat. So long as we’re in and not in mid-shoot we’ll be very welcoming to you. If you think you might do this – just text us on 07930 166715 and we’ll tell you what time we’ll next be free at. This pre-shoot meet up can be great at allowing younger children to get used to what the studio looks like – so we actively encourage a look-in if you can.

If you are running late or need to postpone… Please call or text Leanne on 07478 729512 with as much notice as possible. If you need to cancel or reschedule with less than 2 weeks notice you may loose your reservation fee or need to pay another to re-book.

What do we need to do or bring for the shoot ?

Essentially you just need baby, nappies and feed.
We have all the cloth wraps and outfits. We’ll do most of the shoot on our special baby bed, and some in little prop beds and tubs… all very sweet 🙂

You just need to relax and enjoy the peace.

We quite often have parents fall asleep during the shoot and that’s fine. We like to make sure you get amazing photos and also a relaxing couple of hours 🙂

Can I include my other child, me and my partner in the photos ?

Absolutely ! We love to include the family in such beautiful photos.
Newborn portraits though are 75% just baby as they are quite intense and complicated for Leanne our amazing baby photographer to set up, wrap baby up, get sleepy and take amazing photos.
So we usually include brother/sister and parents in the last 15-20 minutes of the session.

Newborn sessions are really all about the baby, but our sitter session & cake smashes are more for family.

But yes… siblings and parents will be encouraged at the end to take part if they want to.

WIth all that in mind, if you are brining an older child, make sure you bring their favourite entertainment, as sitting still for 2 hours for a 2-3 year old can be very tricky 🙂

It’s good time !!!

It’s our number one priority as soon as you walk in the door that you are relaxed and that you enjoy the whole time you are with us.

It’s what helps make the memories and the photos more special if you are all chilled and happy don’t let anything stress you out as there won’t be a grumpy teen, a teething child and a fed up dad that we haven’t dealt with before 🙂

We want you to come in and make yourself at home, then after the shoot – even before you’ve seen your photos to be telling people how much of a good time you had.

You’ll almost forget that the best bit is still to come – seeing your amazing photos and choosing the ones you want to keep – maybe a big frame on the wall.

If I want to treat myself and the family… what ways can I have photos ? Canvas, prints, frames ?

We have a massive collection of goodies in the studio to show you. Our client lounge where you go to chill with a coffee when you first arrive is full of frames, print sets boxes and books. Individual photos start at £45 (or £29 with some packs).

No matter what voucher or package you have booked in on… or what promotion… we’ll give you the same product info as everyone else so you can see exactly what we have to offer.

Imagine having your family or kids or even dog, in an amazing frame – hanging on your wall for years to come. Something that makes you smile every single day.

Your big screen viewing / ordering appointment

This is the only time for you to see all the photos and select which ones you want to order as your included package or as extras.
We don’t do online galleries as we can’t have that personal touch and explain sizes and options for you.

It’s a great session with a musical slideshow…. refreshments included as you sit back and enjoy the show – with your baby on the big screen. Tissues are provided too as we have many happy tears !

Make sure all home decision makers are there – and feel free to bring granny if you think she might like to buy a print or two !

And that’s it…. you’re now ready to come along to GWS and let us create something special together 🙂

Any questions at all, at anytime, call Ali on 07930 166715. We’ll see you at your shoot !

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