Smash 'n Splash and family session

A family portrait session and cake smash - all in one shoot !

Cake Smashing !!

We LOVE cake smash day… and at GWS we like you to bring the whole family and we’ll spend the first 30 minutes just doing normal – but beautiful portraits. Just the kids, everyone, the dog… whatever you want.

Then we set up for Cake Chaos for the last half of the shoot, and then finish with a bath time clean up… Smash ‘n Splash !!

Bring the grandparents... bring the dog.... the GWS cake smash sessions are for everybody !

Family session / cake smash rolled into one !

At GWS – everything we do is so much more than you’d expect – our trained and qualified staff will look after you… pamper you with teas, coffees , juices and chocolates as we go through the session together making amazing memories for you.

  • What’s all included in the £35 Cake Smash session ?
  • Return big screen slideshow viewing appointment
  • Teas and coffees and chocs and amazing big screen viewing session
  • Time to change outfits from family/kids photos and cake time.
  • Cake included so long as there are no allergies.
  • Balloons and helium included
  • 10″ mount-print included
  •  Choice of two booking packages, but many more upgrades available.
  • We take care of EVERYTHING

The value of amazing family photos

There are two types of people when it comes to photographs of family… there are the ones that love and appreciate being surrounded by their big life moments and there are those that are happy to have photos on their phone – and that’s it. Neither are right or wrong, but a professional studio is always set up for those that love their family photos in some form of print.

It is never about the cost. It’s about value. Do you value what you will get out of an amazing photo session ? Are you the kind of person that understands what you are about to receive from your photographer has life long value and if you had to put a cost on it…. it would be PRICELESS.

cake smash FAQ

* Can me and my partner be in a few photos ?
YES !  

* Can we include siblings ?

* The dog and grandparents ?
Again yes !

Call Ali on 07930 166715 and she will advise on the best plan to include family etc.

* What about the mess afterwards ?

We take care of the devastation… and the last section of the shoot is bubble bath clean up ! We have thought of everything !

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