From bump to baby – our 3 shoot special

The story of your new family... 3 shoots all for one fee of £49

You can really tell the story of your new family now with an amazing deal that will let you relax knowing your new baby and your new family will have amazing professional photographs at all of the first three stages…. Bump… Newborn and Sitter Upper.

bump to baby

Here’s how this amazing offer works…. us the diary below to book your bump session now (pick a date around 30 weeks – but it can be anytime that bump is nice and big) … then when you are here for that shoot (or maybe indvance when we call for a chat) we’ll book in for the newborn session.

You pay the £49 when you reserve the first section.

Each of the three portrait sessions comes with a free print, and you also get a voucher for up to £100 off our Collections. So you can buy what you want after the baby session , and after the sitter-upper session.

When should you book each session ?
We’ll take care of all the dates for you when we fist chat or meet up for the bump session… let us handle all that for you.
But for reference…
Bump Session: Around 30 weeks +  but really whenever bump is nice and big.
Newborn Session: 2-3 weeks after due date
Sitter-Upper: When baby is 7-10 months.

I like the look of this offer but I’m not keen on a bump/maternity session. What should I do ?

Lots of girls are a bit timid about the bump session… but the girls who do our bumps and babies are very good at relaxing you and talking to you – with experience – of how amazing you will feel and look.

But also – you can miss the bump session if you like and still book the baby & sitter-upper sessions.

You just miss out on a pretty special session.
The price is £49 for the three shoots – or two.

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