WHy ?

Imagine the older couple here are YOUR kids showing off photos of you and them as children...

Do you love family photos ?

There are two types of people when it comes to photographs of family… there are the ones that love and appreciate being surrounded by their big life moments and there are those that are happy to have photos on their phone – and that’s it. Neither are right or wrong, but a professional studio is always set up for those that love their family photos in some form of print.

It is never about the cost. It’s about value. Do you value what you will get out of an amazing photo session ? Are you the kind of person that understands what you are about to receive from your photographer has life long value and if you had to put a cost on it…. it would be PRICELESS.

We all take and keep photos on our phones – it’s a way of life now – but when you come home from a stressful day at work – or the kids have had a bad day – when you walk into your home with a beautiful family photo on the wall you feel loved, wanted and that you matter in this world.

This is why the team at GWS create all our clients beautiful memories that will be permanent reminders of how amazing your whole family is – it’s easy to forget in these stressful times but in printed photography you can look up from the TV or walk in the door worn out and tired and see that beautiful family you are a part of.

Is this your family photo album ?

We get several enquiries a week asking about prices and how much “for a few photos on my phone”.

But why would you make the effort to come to a professional studio, one like GWS that will give you the most amazing time from booking through to shoot, to your big screen viewing and the journey to having photos at home… but think the best result is a “few photos on your phone”.

We do supply digital in most of our packages but even that is done in such a special way – and in most cases we include some kind of printed format too.

It’s the very least of what you should get from what will be an amazing experience.

Or is THIS your family photo album ?

Our whole business is built from the ground up to give every client the ultimate family experience. Whether that’s a newborn baby portrait – or a big family get-together.

If your number one priority when you want one of life’s milestones captured in a photo is having a beautiful tangible memory of it… and not just some photos on your phone…. then GWS is definitely for you !

Why GWS Photography ?

We work as a team on every shoot to ensure that everyone that walks through the door is given the greatest experience, the nicest coffee and of course… amazing photos!


Grahame started GWS in 2010 and since then it has grown into the wonderful place it is today.


We love meeting new people, getting to know them, and creating something really special that they will cherish forever. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning!


We promise to make sure that you feel your absolute best and most relaxed when you are with us in the studio and we take great pride in being able to do this. It’s wired into us as humans to worry about how we look in photos but your children, grandchildren, even great-grandchildren aren’t going to care that you have that one hair out of place, they are just going to be grateful that they have the tangible memories of their loved ones.


You, like everyone else before you, will love your time with us, it really is SO much more than just a photo shoot.

Some samples of photo prices…

We do the full range of prints, books, frames & canvas, box sets and of course, digitals.

With large individual prints, and smaller ones in sets, and our very popular Collections – we have something for everyone. We put together tangible products with digital so you get the very best of everything.
Our average client spends £249 to £899 and what they all have in common is they all LOVE what we have created for them. No-one ever leaves GWS feeling they have spent too much – although many do spend more than they initially planned – but they leave feeling they have made one of the best decisions ever.

You can book your space in our studio from only £35 , or you can reserve one of our booking packages so you lock in a very special offer at either £149 or £399, and even then if you want to upgrade afterwards you can.

We want you to go home knowing you have made the very best choice and have many years of happiness with what we have created together.

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