Out with the old and in with the new (website)

Well this has been a very long time coming.
Our old website was built from a template by me, and over the last 12 years it’s had so many plasters stuck to it I was forgetting where all the bits were and how it held together.
My last photography mentor helped guide us to a very good place with our business and photography levels, but he always said “Get a new website, yours is terrible!”
Thanks Richard 🙂

So about two years after that advice – here we are – courtesy of the very talented Chris at Red Balloon.

We still have one or two small sections to finish off, but me-oh-my are we excited for this new sleek and professional look.

Where’s the Blogs ?

One of the reasons I held off for so long was we have years and years worth of Blogs that still attract a lot of viewers and offer ghreat advice…. but we’ll just have to slowly go through the old site code and copy across the ones that we really need and want.

So bear with us.

That does mean though that we’ll have some newer and informative chat to add in.

What else is needing tweaked ?

I need to learn how to use WordPress to do this editing of Blogs !

And the Gift Voucher page will be up and working soon too, give me a few days 🙂

If you do spot any typos (I’m bad at writing teh instead of the for example) then please comment and let me know 🙂

Exciting times… speak to you all soon !

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