Wedding Photography Training

wedding photography training

Are you an aspiring wedding photographer ?
Maybe you have dipped your toes in and tried it… maybe you have shot quite a lot of weddings but you feel you need more guidance.

Professional Headshots – have the edge !

Dynamic head shots can give you the edge on promoting your corporate and professional image, and studio or office location business portraits from GWS are always sleek and business-like – whilst still showing the real person in the photos.

When should you book your baby portrait ?

It’s exciting times when baby is on the way, and you’ll have lots of things to do, buy and organise… but don’t forget to book your newborn photo session well in advance.

Our outdoor shoots at Binning Woods

Most of our outdoor shoots are taken at Binning Woods near Tyninghamme.
Unless we arrange something else with you this is where to go and what to expect.

It’s a really beautiful woodland walk at all times of year with nice easy paths along the way, and more slightly rough areas we can go to if we can if it will give us good photos.