GWS – More than just a pretty face !

There’s quite a lot that goes on at GWS Photography that most people don’t know about.
We have one of the best portrait studios in the country for quality of work and location and comfort of the settings… but it would be too easy to say we just do portraits of people & pets.

Ballet & Dance Photography

dance and ballet photography

We just love shooting portraits of dancers… of any skill level… the elegance, desire and beauty of all ages and experience of the dancers we meet always creates beautiful photographs. We take time to learn what our dancer would like to get from the shoot, find out what they can do and then together we […]

Just add water – the GWS Wet Shoots!

wet shoots

Award-winning Scottish photographer Grahame Smith reveals how he’s tapped into an elemental new form of portraiture and how training, mentoring and dedication has helped shape a very successful photography business, and how now – is himself a trainer / mentor to new and up and coming photographers from all over the UK.