“It’s not every day you go for a portrait… so make it count. Going to the cinema, out for a meal… even going on holiday… once they’re done… they’re done. Your portrait will give you something that will last for many years”

Thank you for choosing GWS to take your portraits. We know you will have an amazing time at the studio and you’ll love what we do for you.

Everyone always has lots of questions about their photo shoot, so we’ve gathered together all the common queries and put them all together here for you. Please take a few minutes to go over everything here, as it will help you get the most from your portrait session.

First of all, should you have any queries at anytime, call Allison on 07930 166715 and she’ll help you out straight away.

Where is the studio, and where do we park ?

The studio is at Wheatrig Business Hub, between Haddington and Longniddry. The postcode is EH32 0PL – for sat navs and Google Maps etc – punch in GWS Photography … most sat navs will take you right to our door, but some stop at the bottom of the farm track road that’s the last 200 yards to the studio. Look out for the big “Wheatrig” sign and that’s us at the top of the hill.

If coming from Edinburgh, turn off at the Gladsmuir / Longniddry junction… and it’s two right hand turns to us.
And once you are here… relax as you park right at our door… free all day.
No having to drive around for ages trying to find somewhere close to park.

What happens, how long does it take ?

You should allow for up to 90 minutes for your visit. It’s best to arrive around 10 to 15 minutes before your appointment start time so we can get you settled in with a cuppa and relax before all the fun starts. On average the shoot will last 1 hour, but allowing for chatting, teas & coffees so allowing for 1 1/2 hours total is best.

* We take a great variety of images going through one – maybe two outfit changes if you brought some.

* At the end of the shoot we will give you a walk around of some of the amazing ways you can have your finished photos.

* We book you in for a return viewing/ordering session, usually about 7-14 days later, when you get to see your photos projected on the big screen. It’s a great and fun way to see your photos, staring off with a musical slideshow.

Our studio is full of sample work – frames, box sets, prints & books. Feel free to investigate and touch anything you like.

There’s no rush or panic from us to get you out the door , we always allow for extra time so you can chill and enjoy yourself.

What do you need to tell us ?

It’s quite important we know in advance everyone’s age, name and relationship to each other.

Whether it’s a big family shoot, or just the dog in for a portrait – the more we know in advance the better as we can plan the layouts, lighting and inside/outside locations to suit.

Tell us of any health issues or concerns, any allergies etc so we can make sure you all feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

We will send a Portrait Info form before you are due to come in for you to tell us all this information, so when this pops in your email, please fill it in and email back as soon as you can.

And please feel free to pop by anytime to have a pre-shoot visit/chat. So long as we’re in and not in mid-shoot we’ll be very welcoming to you. If you think you might do this – just text us on 07930 166715 and we’ll tell you what time we’ll next be free at. This pre-shoot meet up can be great at allowing younger children to get used to what the studio looks like – so we actively encourage a look-in if you can.

What to Wear ?

Firstly – come prepared ! Come in a nice casual outfit that is easy and pleasing tones. No massive logos and cartoon type t-shirts and try to have everyone in a similar palette. You don’t all have to be identical – but 4 wearing black and one in bright yellow will not look so great :/ White tops are best avoided.

If possible bring a smarter outfit to change into.

There might be some shots sitting low down, possibly on the floor or even lying down so girls shouldn’t wear the tightest/shortest skirt in their wardrobe. Clothing should be comfortable, flexible and smart/casual πŸ™‚ 

You’ll be photographed from various angles and we don’t want to be too revealing ! It’s importrant to tell any girls – especially at the teenage years to try to avoid crop tops and anything too revealing , short or tight.

For newborn shoots, parents should come in a comfortable but smart outfit as we’ll ask you to be in a couple of photos at the end… but for baby – we have all the wraps and outfits in the studio that we need.

dress well for your portrait
Dress to suit you… but don’t spoil your photo that you’ll have for years with sports tops, big logos and the likes… Leonardo would be going crazy if Mona turned up like this πŸ™‚

Shoes… nothing wrong with trainers – but same rules apply – you don’t want teenage son with his day-glo Nikes on and everyone else in nice dark brown suede shoes. Many of the photos won’t even include feet – but when they do nothing can spoil it faster than old muddy trainers or the newest yellow sports shoes. Some casual outfits look good with bare feet – so be prepared for that too. And get dad to check his socks before you leave, as if anyone has holey socks… πŸ™‚

If you are running late or need to postpone… Please call or text Allison on 07930 166715 with as much notice as possible. If you need to cancel or reschedule with less than 2 weeks notice you may loose your reservation fee or need to pay another to re-book.

It’s good time !!!

It’s our number one priority as soon as you walk in the door that you are relaxed and that you enjoy the whole time you are with us.

It’s what helps make the memories and the photos more special if you are all chilled and happy don’t let anything stress you out as there won’t be a grumpy teen, a teething child and a fed up dad that we haven’t dealt with before πŸ™‚

We want you to come in and make yourself at home, then after the shoot – even before you’ve seen your photos to be telling people how much of a good time you had.

You’ll almost forget that the best bit is still to come – seeing your amazing photos and choosing the ones you want to keep – maybe a big frame on the wall.

And remember – feel free to pop by anytime to have a pre-shoot visit/chat. So long as we’re in and not in mid-shoot we’ll be very welcoming to you. If you think you might do this – just text us on 07930 166715 and we’ll tell you what time we’ll next be free at. This pre-shoot meet up can be great at allowing younger children to get used to what the studio looks like – so we actively encourage a look-in if you can.

If I want to treat myself and the family… what ways can I have photos ? Canvas, prints, frames ?

some of our product choices

We have a massive collection of goodies in the studio to show you. Our client lounge where you go to chill with a coffee when you first arrive is full of frames, print sets boxes and books. Individual photos start at Β£45 or as low as Β£29 in some packs.

No matter what voucher or package you have booked in on… or what promotion… we’ll give you the same product info as everyone else so you can see exactly what we have to offer.

Some of our sets and packs come with digital files too. Our 3 most popular packages come with a mixture of prints, digitals and a phone App that you can share with all the family.

Imagine having your family or kids or even dog, in an amazing frame – hanging on your wall for years to come. Something that makes you smile every single day.

Your Perfect Family Photo.

What would it be ? Can you imagine how you think your perfect family picture would look ?

Try to do that and explain it to us when we meet. You should let us try to recreate for you what you see as the perfect family photo.

Is it colour or black and white ?

Is the dog with you, is gran with you ?

We’ll ask you some questions when you arrive and we’re making you a coffee to see if we can help create that perfect memory for you.

Your big screen viewing / ordering appointment

This is the only time for you to see all the photos and select which ones you want to buy for home.

We don’t do online galleries as we can’t have that personal touch and explain sizes and options for you.

It’s a great session with a musical slideshow – but really just suited to adults.

Make sure all home decision makers are there – and feel free to bring granny if you think she might like to buy a print or two !

And that’s it…. you’re now ready to come along to GWS and let us create something special together πŸ™‚

Any questions at all, at anytime, call Ali on 07930 166715. We’ll see you at your shoot !

Our Map & Directions page & videos… www.gwsphotography.co.uk/map