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Baby, Family &Pet portraits you'll treasure, in a peaceful studio just a short drive from Edinburgh

We don't get enough time for our families these days - so make your home more special with the perfect portrait

It’s not every day you get professional family portraits taken. A family photoshoot is not only a wonderful experience, but a beautiful family portrait creates a memory that you’ll look back on ever more fondly as the years go by.

We adore when full families come in for portraits. We’re privileged to share these special moments with you, knowing the memories will last forever.

“We had a fanstastic experience at GWS Photography. The photoshoot was so relaxed and they had no problem getting my daughter to engage and smile. The quality of the photos was amazing – I cried three times during the viewing, they were just so beautiful and captured my daughter’s character. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

Katie Vines, Facebook Review

You and your family needs this 

1. **Quality Family Time**: A family portrait session allows everyone to come together, focusing solely on each other without the distractions of daily life. It’s a dedicated time to reconnect, share laughter, and create new memories, all while being captured in beautiful photographs.


2. **Preservation of Milestones**: As children grow and families evolve, capturing these moments in professional photos ensures that these precious times are remembered and cherished. Family portraits act as timeless keepsakes that celebrate life’s milestones and the unique bond your family shares.


3. **Stress-Free Experience**: With a professional handling the session, families don’t need to worry about the details of taking photos, such as lighting, setting, or posing. This creates a relaxed environment where the family can enjoy the experience while the photographer ensures that everything looks perfect.


4. **A Touch of Luxury**: Opting for a session in a professional studio like yours, especially one beautifully set on farmland outside Edinburgh, adds an element of luxury and exclusivity. It turns a simple photo shoot into a special occasion, elevating the entire experience and making families feel pampered and special.


5. **No distractions**. No crowds, no TV, no loud music, no strangers walking around, only you guys. The sole attention of our staff is you. You will love the peace and level of service during your time with us and leave feeling elavated and excited to see your photos.


These sessions offer more than just pictures; they provide an enriching experience that celebrates families and creates lasting memories.

  • The ultimate in portrait experience for only £35
  • Return big screen slideshow design consultation appointment with our friendly staff helping you choose the best photos and product for you to take home and display.
  • Teas and coffees and snacks throughout.
  • A 10″ mount-print included
  • Award winning service and photos
    Packages ?
  • You won’t really know what you want until you see your beautiful photos at the big screen viewing.
  • We have a studio full of sample frames, print sizes, books, canvases, digitals, phone Apps, box sets…. with MANY combinations of them all.
  • You don’t come to a professional studio like GWS for a few photos on your phone – you can do that at home yourself…. but what we will create for you will be VERY special and you will LOVE the choices we show you.

A Family Experience

As much fun as the finished product is the photoshoot itself. As we all get into a jolly mood for the fun photos and then pause to reflect for the more serious ones, you’ll find that time soon flies by as your family enjoy this special time together. 

Our spacious studio is set in beautiful rural surroundings and is all yours for the duration of the shoot. Arrive 15 minutes early so we can take the time to get you settled in and relaxed with a cup of tea or coffee before starting.

Booking Your Shoot

Our studio sessions are VERY popular. We are usually completely booked up 3-5 weeks in advance, so book as soon as you can.

You’ll want to bring a couple of changes of clothes and to try and ensure a similar colour palette between you all. We’ll send you information about all these practicalities before you come, to ensure you get the absolute most out of your day.

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