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Beautiful baby and newborn photography a short drive from Edinburgh

You'd love the best newborn portraits....

Babies grow up before we know it, and you only get one opportunity to capture those magical early moments.

Whether it’s beautiful, sleepy portraits during their first few weeks, starting to sit up and watch the world unfold around them, or a cake smash birthday celebration, let us bring out your baby’s emerging character, and create something truly special for you and your family.

And you have access to our full, amazing baby photographer teams with the Emma’s Diary & Bump-2-Baby offer.

The perfect match !

What Age for your Baby Shoot and when to book ?

The best age ranges for baby shoots are:

  • Maternity –  30 + weeks – whenever bump is big 🙂
  • Newborn – First two to three weeks for perfect,  sleepy newborns, but can do up to 6/7 weeks, but most photos will be with parents holding… which is the most beautiful ones anyway ! 🙂
  • Sitter-Uppers – Around 7-10 months on (or when your child is self-supporting and sitting up)
  • 1 year old – Cake Smash or paint party !
  • If you are unsure call Allison on 07930 166715

    But BOOK NOW ! It’s best not to wait until baby is here for newborns as we run one of the busiest (and best) baby studios in the country and we very often book out 3-6 weeks ahead and you might miss out.
    We will reschedule for free if baby is late or early.

Baby Gallery

Some samples of photo prices…

We do the full range of prints, books, frames & canvas, box sets and of course, digitals.

With large individual prints, and smaller ones in sets, and our very popular Collections – we have something for everyone. We put together tangible products with digital so you get the very best of everything.
Our average client spends £249 to £599 and what they all have in common is they all LOVE what we have created for them. No-one ever leaves GWS feeling they have spent too much – although many do spend more than they initially planned – but they leave feeling they have made one of the best decisions ever.

You can book your space in our studio for only £20 reservation fee that you can get back in full when you come to see your photos, or use towards more prints.

We want you to go home knowing you have made the very best choice and have many years of happiness with what we have created together.

*This is the perfect match our studio, our two amazing baby photographers and your new baby !

Leanne Kerr

  • 1. **Expert Female Photographers:** Benefit from the expertise of our two brilliant female photographers who specialize in capturing the innocence and beauty of newborns.

    2. **Convenient Location:** Our stress-free studio location just outside Edinburgh offers a tranquil setting for your newborn session, ensuring a relaxed and comfortable experience for you and your baby.

    3. **Free Parking:** Enjoy the convenience of free parking right at our studio door, making it easy for you to access our services without any hassle.

    4. **Complimentary Refreshments:** Indulge in complimentary teas, coffees, and snacks throughout your session, ensuring you feel refreshed and pampered during your time with us.

    5. **Emotional Slideshow:** Experience the magic of an emotional slideshow presentation on our amazing big screen, allowing you to relive and cherish precious moments captured during the session.

    6. **Variety of Products:** Choose from a great range of high-quality products to complement your newborn portraits, including prints, albums, and wall art to display in your home.

    7. **Award-Winning Service:** Trust in our award-winning service that has been recognized for its excellence in delivering exceptional newborn photography experiences.

    8. **Excellent Reviews:** Rest assured knowing that GWS Photography has received excellent reviews on Trustpilot, Google, and Facebook, reflecting our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality.

    9. **Personalized Experience:** We prioritize making you feel like you matter, ensuring a personalized and attentive experience that caters to your unique preferences and needs.

    10. **Capture Precious Memories:** Let us capture the precious early moments of your baby’s life with warmth, care, and attention to detail, creating timeless portraits that you’ll treasure forever!

Listen to what one of our recent clients has to say in this short video...

Baby Portrait FAQ

* Can me and my partner be in a few photos ?
YES !  We always do mummy and daddy with baby at the end of the session.

* Can we include siblings ?
Yes – but be aware the newborn session part can take 90-120 minutes and older kids can get very bored until their pictures at the end. 

* Do we get all the digitals ?
No – we do offer digital packages but mostly on higher end collections. Most people on this offer choose on of our print packages, but you are free to order anything you like – or you don’t have to even spend a penny, just take your free print.

* How much is it for more photos ?
We have so many different packages and offers, but you really won’t know what you want until you see the photos and our samples. 
We have print packages from only £149.

* What is so special about your studio ?

We know there are many “photographers” out there offering all the shoot photos on a USB stick for very cheap, but what we do for you is very special. We are one of the country’s best professional studios, and you have the offer to come to us for free and try us out. If you appreciate amazing photos – you need to come to us !

Call Ali on 07930 166715 with any other questions, we’ll be happy to speak to you & help.

Booking is simple and safe – and we will accomodate you if baby is late or early.

1) Choose a date from the diary below and fill in the details to reserve a slot (pick a date about 2-3 weeks after due date)
2) We will call within 48 hours to confirm the space and answer any questions
3) We’ll email more info about how amazing your shoot will be and what to expect
4) Allison or Nic will call a week or so before the shoot to check in and help plan your perfect photo session with baby & family
5) You come to our studio and have a brilliant time, being looked after with teas, coffees, soft drinks & snacks – all included while the girls take lots of beautiful photos
6) We book you in for a return big screen viewing !

You will LOVE it !

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