“We are always looking for more amazing clients – just like you…”

Thank you for choosing GWS for your portraits, we’d love to meet your friends and family and so we’ll be including 3 referral vouchers in your thank you box that you will receive with your photos.

If you have friends that can’t wait until you receive your proper vouchers, just copy this link and send it to them…. https://www.gwsphotography.co.uk/refer/

What do the referral vouchers do ?
It gives whoever you give them to a free shoot and mounted print. With no obligation to spend a penny more if they don’t want to.
I mean… you can’t keep our amazing studio a secret now can you ? lol

** What do YOU get for giving them out ? **
We want to reward clients that spread the word about GWS – so for every client that comes in with one of your vouchers… we will send you an Amazon voucher for at least £10.

It doesn’t matter what your friend purchase – if anything – they can even just come for the free shoot & print – you will still get your voucher.

Every month we go through all the past months viewing appointments and send out lots of Amazon vouchers.

We love doing this as it means we have made more people happy !

An easier way to share GWS and receive Amazon vouchers ?

Just copy and send this link via email, text or messenger to your friends – as many friends as you like !


What will you spend your vouchers on ?

When will you receive YOUR vouchers ?

We summarize all the shoots at the start of the next month. Once a client has been for their shoot and viewing, their voucher is added to the list to send out the next month. So for example, if your friends come in during June and have their viewing in July, you’ll receive your Amazon voucher by either Text or Email in August.