Winter Weddings - some thoughts

07th February 2016
Winter weddings, or rather "not summer" weddings are becoming more popular.
Everyone wants lovely weather on their wedding day, but in Scotland, in our current climate it's getting harder to ensure those popular May to September dates will give you the kind of day you have hoped for.

So it seems the mind-set of many couples is "if we can't guarantee good weather in high-season, why not pick a less popular day?".

The thing is a LOT of venues and other wedding suppliers offer good discounts for dates in those months that have been traditionally avoided.
It's a good way to have the perfect wedding day but at less expense (more for the honeymoon perhaps!).

As a wedding photographer, I've been to many venues in many varied weather conditions, and at different seasons of the year.
You could argue that some venues suit those months when the sun sets earlier and the venues rooms are lit with glorious ambient light or big log fires.

So if you're at the planning stages of your wedding, and you have a set budget that would be stretched for your perfect venue, with the ideal photographer , why not ask all the names on your list if they offer a discount for October to March dates for example ?
If you do go down this route, and you still want amazing wedding photos, just make sure you pick a venue that offers photography options in all weathers and dark afternoons.
The last thing you want is all your family group shots, and your first bride & groom photos all in a box room with a plasterboard wall and fire escape sign.
(See our Blog from 20th July 2015 "Does your venue suit your photography choice ?".

This might seem like we're being mean to some venues, and we don't intend to be, but some modern inner-city hotels for example don't have any real options for photography if you can't go outside to their gardens/grounds.

You'll also want to choose a photographer who has experience in squeezing out every great photo opportunity for you.
Last year we did a wedding at one of our favourite and most visited venues, and it was only the last 3 photos at 9pm that we managed to go outside for.
Did this stop us getting amazing photos ?
No way, the venue is amazing inside, and we knew where to set up to still show a great variance in the photos.

So don't be afraid to ask if there are "out of season" discounts for ALL your wedding suppliers and the venues you like.
Some don't - and before you ask... we ourselves don't do a standard out of season discount as we are busy all the year round, BUT we always like to talk to couples, and if they are on a tight budget and are planning at a wedding at a location and venue that we know we can give them something special at... we can design a bespoke package to suit the budget.

Anyway, all this talk of winter weddings and foul weather... sometimes those months give the best photo opportunities , and sometimes even the better weather !

Here's some samples of ours from "winter" months...
Let us know what you think, and feel free to get in touch with any questions or thoughts you might have, we're always on hand to help, whether you book us or not.


March - Culcreuch Castle, Fintry, Stirlingshire

January - Orocco Pier, South Queensferry

October, December & November (in that order) around East Lothian

January - Archerfield Estate

November & December - Edinburgh, Botanical Gardens & Zoo


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