What I get out of doing pre-wedding shoots

28th August 2016
The not so keen - maybe even lazy - photographers out there that don't do pre-wedding shoots as standard are missing a trick I believe.
Sure - it means filling a lot of my evenings that could be spent walking my dog, or catching up with TV, but I'd rather spend an hour or so on many evenings, getting to know couples a little better.

In the last few weeks I've been doing the last of this year's pre-shoots, and even started doing 2017 ones.

And they've all been greatly beneficial to me - and I believe the couple.
Especially so if we've never met before. A lot of young couples turn up very nervous, but after 15-20 minutes - we're getting on fine and as well as talking about the wedding, me filling in my notebook about all the details of the big day, I'm also watching the couple, getting them to stand together, apart, touching, not touching - all to see how they react.

Whilst shooting, I'm always watching how the couple move and turn their heads, set up their bodies... are they stiff, do they flow, have good posture, and I love to see if they do anything they might not be aware of that I can use.
Like sometimes in between shots, the girl might look down and smile a certain way - her natural go to smile and I'll grab a mental note... shouting to myself "There it is !!".
I might then just say - that look you did just now when you dropped your head - beautiful."

It's how a couple interact that I want to take away so on the wedding day I have a mental note of how they will be, and how to try squeeze the best out of all the wedding poses by knowing how they go to their natural resting look.

The shoot isn't about getting a set of photos - although that IS a good bonus - but the couple get to see me at work, how I'll talk with them on the big day and get them to interact.
"Remember that hold you did on the pre-shoot - do that now with your hand here... gorgeous!"

So the pre-wedding shoot - an examination of a couple's interaction and shyness, their fun side & loving looks - all with the purpose of making the wedding photos better - because THAT is my job, my task at hand on the day. Anything I can do to ensure a good set of photos helps and the pre-shoot is a major part in getting all these pieces to come together.

Thanx to Amy & Alasdair for these pics...


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