Variety is the spice of (photography) life, and a 2015 recap.

10th December 2015
On a rare day, I get to go out and play... do landscape work, or shoot a personal project.
I do these at every opportunity really, as it keeps me tunes in to variety of photography.
In recent times I've shot scary clowns & dolls, skateboarders pulling high G's, met some nice dogs (and cats) and marveled at graffiti on Rome's Colosseum amongst other things.

I have folders of photos that have still to be worked on... people that I asked to model for projects that still ask me if I ever finished it off... but then wedding season takes over and these files get left to digitally gather dust.

Ironically I have ideas for a few more projects to do in the next 2-3 weeks, but these will all help in the wedding photography scheme of things as it's all about pushing our lighting skills to the extreme, then going that bit further!

All in all , it's been an interesting few years, especially these last 12 months, when for the first time ever in my photography life I switched camera brands.
Since around 1980 I've been using Canon cameras, but half way though 2015 I switched fully to Fuji, shooting now with two X-T1's and an X-Pro 1. The X-T1's will probably be replaced (actually probably added to) with X-T2's when they come out in 2016.

The Fuji gear is great, it has few downsides, one being the auto flash set-up. Thankfully I almost always shoot with manual flash - so Fuji's biggest downside doesn't bother me a jot :)

2015 also saw us (that's me now including Annie in the team you see) using more continuous light systems at weddings and for project shoots - over flash.
These systems are great - especially during the darker months of September to March where mixing continuous light with ambient is both easy and rewarding.

Using an Ice Light to light the groom in a dark inside room, while the groomsmen at the window are well lit with natural light, the Ice Light evening the exposure out and it's daylight temperature perfect for the cool light from the window. Yes this is a mono conversion but in colour it has a good balance.

Later on at the same wedding, in a very blue room, and very cool light outside, the Lowel GL1's tungsten coloured beam warms the couple up , and we get to see the shadow on the wall in real time for the capture.

The same effect, a very wintery late afternoon and all natural light going blue and dark, the GL1 on spot gives the bride & groom a sunset look to them, and we see this as it is happening, not just after a flash and checking the LCD.

But yes, we still do use flash when it's required, with a blast from a Lencarta Atom 360 behind the couple, Annie crouched down low behind the wedding dress (it's good to have a very small assistant for these shots), floods the summer house and beyond with a spectacular light.

2016 might also see us re-introducing some pro portrait work into the fold, with some ideas being tested out as we speak.
But even that work is geared towards being better and more dynamic with our wedding photography.
That's what we're all about.
So yes, I'll finish off some older projects, and will start new ones, but the new ones are all various steps towards bigger strides in the quality that we offer in our wedding photography.

We might well be in a haunted looking street shooting what looks like an alien abduction scene, but it will be with the idea that at the end of a wedding some dramatic lighting can be used to pick off some ace wedding portraits with a difference.

It's all part of the 2016-2018 master plan !

(insert big evil laugh here)

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