Toni-Marie & Sam's wedding at Harvest Moon

15th June 2015

Harvest Moon, is fairly new into the wedding circuit. I suppose it would be described as a Glamping site, with luxury "tree-houses" and tents set in a sheltered beach ready bay. (They should use that in their marketing!). I've described the site in previous blogs when I did two pre-wedding shoots there - one being Toni & Sam's in torrential rain. Do a search on "Harvest Moon" in our search box above after you've read all this blog to get more info :)

So , as I mentioned there, I had caught up with Toni-Marie & Sam at Harvest Moon last November, seeing as they live Trowbridge and don't get up this way very often.
That day was howling down with rain. I got in touch with them and they were happy to meet up regardless.

Well, we were wet anyway, why not go in the November sea ?!

I was pleased with this as it means that if a couple can bear horrendous rain on a photo shoot, nothing will faze them on a wedding day.

But we needn't have worried as my promise to them of sunshine was kept and the day was marvelous. I really should charge extra for all this sunshine I keep for couples.

Right up to the last minute the exact plan for the wedding photography workflow was open to change - as with the Harvest Moon site being split in two by a good 1/4 of a mile or so, the girls getting ready at the Treehouse area weren't sure as yet how they would get to the tent & beach areas where the actual ceremony would take place.

The end result was me offering to be chauffeur once again, and taking a car load of gorgeous bridesmaids in my car, following Toni's dad driving her and the flower girls to the beach. It's good fun finding a challenge like this on a wedding day, and being able to help by doing that little bit extra.

In the car doing my Parker bit

So once we'd got parked up near the ceremony spot, the girls with dad in tow attacked the final dunes like Omaha beach... coming over the summit to lots of ooos and aaahhhs from the guests below.

Toni looked amazing, such a pretty bride with a great smile and attitude and Sam too - obviously enjoying the start to this amazing day.

The ceremony went along without a hitch, and the we all headed back to the marquee/tent section, where everyone grabbed a quick drink before we did a big photo of everyone, and once Toni & Sam were charged up, we nipped away on our own for a quiet 20 minutes of bride and groom shots. That lovely section away from the rush and wonderment of the first half of a wedding day.
We got a great section of photos of the newly weds before getting them back to the guests and the champers.

There were some fun speeches, filled with emotion, fun and embarrassment, then after a short break and the band setting up (Bahookie were excellent by the way, well worth checking out, 2 weeks in a row we've been entertained by great live bands), the evening festivities began.

A day like this always ends too soon, for all it's extremely hard work and very demanding, the time flies in - so we finished off with a couple more photos of the new Mr & Mrs Edwards , before leaving them to seamlessly join back in with the dancing.

Our first Harvest Moon wedding photography gig , and it was great. We're back there this month too.

Here's a sample of photos from the day, and the slideshow of highlights above.
The full portfolio will be in the Gallery Section within the next week - but you'll need to get the password from Toni-Marie & Sam to view them.

Thanks for checking in folks, and thanks to another fantastic couple with all their wonderful family & friends.


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