Time to buy a Fuji - good deal under £500 !

25th December 2015
This blog is probably about a week late for Christmas camera buyers, but I only thought about it just now. Soz...

Being based on a town high street for half my working day (the other half behind my 27" monitor at home or out taking photos) I get a LOT of people coming in asking camera or photography related stuff. I'm always happy to answer any questions - that I know the answer to - and help if I can.

The most common question though is what camera to buy a partner or child for birthday/Christmas. In the past it's a very hard question to answer because it varied wildly by budget, experience, future use & level of interest.
But at the moment I believe the answer is easier.

As most people know I switched to Fujifilm cameras half way through 2015 and totally love them. They have re-introduced a passion and love for carrying a camera around that being a full time photographer - you can lose.

I have two X-T1's, an X-Pro1 and a mark 1 X100. And although the X-T1's are our main wedding cameras, I find myself always picking up the X-Pro1 which has a 23mm fixed lens on it all the time.
I love shooting with prime lenses and the 23mm (35mm in full frame equivalent) covers a great area. I pick it up - and go. No zoom, no fancy controls to worry about - and if I really needed to , I could slap on a zoom lens and make it work for me at a full wedding without any other camera.

In a few weeks though, the X-Pro2 will be out. I might buy one - as it will have a few features I like, but I'll probably hold out for the X-T2 later in the year.
But that means camera shops around the world are selling of X-Pro1's cheap.

This is YOUR chance now to get a top camera, at a cracking price.
Sure, it won't be the latest gimmicky camera, but if you're serious about photography, or you're buying a camera for someone that is or wants to be - get one !

My X-Pro1 with the 23mm fixed lens that is almost permanently bolted to it.

So you interested ?
For smidge under £500 you can get this classy bit of kit and two lenses.
Check out John Lewis (amongst others) for the £499 deal with camera body and the 18mm & 27mm lenses. (link at the bottom of this blog).

Disclaimer... this is a real camera - with dials and knobs, no built in flash, but for anyone with a serious interest in photography with £500 to spend... it's a no brainer.
When this camera came out in 2012 here's what one reviewer had to say...

"Fujifilm USA has announced its recommended pricing for the X-Pro1 high-end mirrorless camera. The MSRP will be $1699 for the body and $599-$649 for the lenses, meaning you can expect it to create around a $2300 dent in your pocket if you want to be able to take pictures with it. Canadian prices will be dollar-for-dollar equivalents. Fujifilm UK meanwhile hasn't yet announced pricing, but one of the country's retailers is taking orders at £1429 for the body and £549-599 for the lenses, which gives a good idea of how much you'll need to scrape together."

So the best part (if not more) of 2 grand, but now under £500.

I must add... I'm on no commission here, I'm just glad that at the time of writing - and for the first time ever - when I get asked "I'm wanting to buy a camera for my son/daughter, what should I get" that I have an answer.

Fujifilm X-Pro1 £499 deal with two lenses.



John Lewis deal

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