The Pre-Wedding Shoot... what is it ?

04th June 2015
During the booking stage of a wedding - very often one of the couple (sometimes both) will come out with something like "I hate getting my photo taken!". To be honest it's usually the guy that says that. The girls are usually looking forward to it.

Then as the wedding draws closer and I start to zone in on the couple's big day, I get in touch to say we should do the pre-shoot & catch up.
Very often then I'll get asked questions like "what happens?" , "how long will it take?" , "do we need to do it?" , sometimes even - "will it be cheaper if we don't do it?"

The answer to the last one is "no" by the way :)

From my "time it takes me to shoot & work on a wedding", the pre-shoot & catch up adds many hours to my working week, but the pre-shoots are not a bolt-on extra or a part of a package that can be taken off or put on to suit.
They really do have a purpose. One that really does help the wedding flow better.
My life during the week would be so much easier not doing any pre-shoots, but my wedding days would be tougher, and not as enjoyable for the couple.

To put one example down to an extreme... imagine the girls are getting ready in the hotel room, dresses hanging up, make-up artists & hair dressers working away, and a complete stranger walks in and starts taking photos, ordering people about and moving things out his way.... not nice, and would just add to the stress of the day.

But at the other end of the scale, imagine one of your friends popped into the room, said hello, chatted with you and asked if she could take a couple of quick pictures while everyone went about their business. Much better that way isn't it.

That's what we aim to do. Be a friend, someone you know, you've worked with. I know you a bit better, and the photos come out more natural, you look happy in them, not stressed.

The same goes with the guys. When I turn up to get photos of the guys it's always "oh hiya Grahame how are you?" and we chat and joke as we get the guy photos done.

Later on during the important bride & groom photo sections, again - we've talked about this at the pre-shoot, we know what it is we're after, and how to stand. It's 3 friends chatting but at the same time creating beautiful photos during the newly weds first alone time together.

There's also more benefits than these. As I have mentioned. It's as much a catch up as it is a photo session. There's always questions I'll have.

What time are yo getting your hair done?
How many speeches are there?
What time are the cars leaving to take you to the church ?
You said there might be a ring bearer - did you get that sorted out ?
What are the band like that you've booked ?

It means on the day we are all prepared, we know what to expect and when to expect it.

Plus - they are great fun.
I've never met a guy or gal who at the end of the shoot wasn't happy with the outcome - and you get a free set of photos to show off to your friends.

So there you have it... the what, why & how of the pre-wedding shoot... and now... some samples...


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