Sinead & Matt's wedding at Carberry Tower

09th June 2016
I first encountered some of the main players of this wedding in September of 2011 when I shot Charlotte & Matt's wedding at The Maitlandfield House in Haddington.
Charlotte being this Matt's sister.
It was nice catching up with them at Carberry I don't recall seeing them since then actually, and the first thing the 2011 Matt said to me was to ask how I was feeling as I was ill at their wedding. Awwww... had he been carrying that around with him for 5 years ? He should have just called lol.

Anyhoos, fast forward to last Friday and I hooked up with Sinead and her pals from the Emerald Isle at Sinead & Matt's house in Dunbar for a wee bit of prep photography.
Those lassies are off their nut. Good laugh though.
The morning whizzed by and pretty soon Sinead was in her dress and looking suitably amazing. I spent 5 minutes or so getting a few pics before zooming off to pick up Annie and head off to Carberry Tower.

Once there the day fairly quickly got into gear. Matt & his best man arrived on time, we got all the pics we wanted, and all on time, everything was going so well...
But... little did we know that back at Dunbar, Sinead had locked herself out the house with her bouquet still inside... that caused a small delay, and in the end she used her Maid of Honours flowers.

The ceremony was nicely led by my good friend Rev Twaddle, who I'm sure you will all remember married myself and Mrs (Ali) 26 years ago this month.
It all went along perfectly, apart from the bee the size of a small sparrow that was banging off the windows in the balcony area where Annie was. I did well to stifle my giggles as I could see the panic on her face as it buzzed around near her.

Nothing was going to bother our happy couple today though, as they lapped up their big day in good style, with many giggles and smiles.
Once more we were blessed with gorgeous weather (I must start charging extra for that) and we quickly and easily did some family group shots before going for a 20 minute bride & groom only session in the gardens.

A brilliant, quiet and peaceful few minutes with just the newly weds, and me and Annie grabbing a few shots.
Our team plan for the photos was followed perfectly, with me doing the straight on flash lit shots, and Annie getting side on soft focus shots. She really did nail this wedding - well done my wee lass!
Wedding photography can be as easy or as hard as you make it. If you have a good looking couple in front of you, at a lovely venue and you know how to work your gear you can't fail to get good pictures.
A slight move of the bride's hand to here, hold the groom back for a few seconds in the background, look over there, now just chat and be together.... photos in the bag!

Everyone at the wedding seemed to be having a ball, the staff were all on point too, with Amy leading the way. It was good to hear that the new owners are encouraging a good way forward for this great venue.

It's weddings like this (and I'm very lucky in that all the weddings we go to are similar) that make it a joyous career.
To be there when mum (or dad) come in to see their daughter in her wedding dress and they can't hold back the emotions of the day any more, to watch over the groom's shoulder as he sees his bride for the first time that day and the smiles they exchange. To watch the couple giggle through the ceremony and then emerge as a married couple, then to have them on their own, step back and watch them very quietly be together for the first time that day - no music, noise, guests, worries, questions, nerves, just them.
To be there and witness those things, but to also capture them and give them to the couple so they can re-live those moments over and over.
What a marvellous job.

So here's to Sinead and Matt, our bonny looking newly weds !
The full portfolio of photos is now live here...
Where you can view them all , and order copies as easy as watching some telly :~)

Please remember to leave a small comment below, tell Sinead & Matt what you thought of their big day.

As per usual too, my tech info is at the bottom of the Blog for the gear heads to see what we used.

Once more, thanks to Sinead & Matt !


Carberry Tower entrance, and my new Fiat
Caberry Tower, Musselburgh - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Carberry Tower gardens
Carberry Tower, Musselburgh - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

The gardens & back of main building from the big tree
Carberry Tower, Musselburgh - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

More importantly... everyone at the wedding !
Sinead & Matt's wedding at Carberry Tower, Musselburgh on June 3rd 2016 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Gear used at this wedding:
Me...two X-Pro2's as my cameras with 23mm and 56mm lens (nice and prime, oh yes)
Annie... X-T1 with 16-55. Annie will go prime when she has to, but when we have the 3 cameras working, having a zoom on number 3 is like a back up for all the cameras.

Photos processed simply with Fuji's Astia/Soft film simulation, with black and whites our own version using a clarity hike.

Outside light is the brill Lencarta Atom 360 on a big stand, fired remotely.

Pano shots taken with the Ricoh Theta.

Any gear questions, feel free to email or comment below, always happy to answer questions if I can.


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