Sabina & Steven's wedding at Archerfield House

11th March 2016
An Archerfield House wedding photography gig... splendid. Another of East Lothian's gems as far as wedding photography in East Lothian goes. Stunning house and plenty green around for outside photos.
We really are spoiled i this part of the country for amazing wedding venues, places like Archerfield, Broxmouth Park, Gilmerton House and Carberry Tower (see you all there on Sunday for the wedding fair!) are all amazing - and weather proof too.
By tat I mean if it's horrible outside... so what ! Those venues offer a wealth of photo opportunities inside.

Anyway, enough gibbering in general, I must tell you about Sabina & Steven's wedding there on Sunday 6th March, but seeing as I mentioned weather proof venues above... I may as well begin by telling you that - true to form - GWS Photography again provided very nice weather for this special day.
We had glorious sunshine in the morning when I pulled up at Archerfield for a quick look at how the rooms were set up for the day, before heading along to North Berwick to see the girls. While we were there we even had a sunshine/snow flurry - how pretty !
I really should charge extra for this weather guarantee - 3 winter weddings in 2016 so far , and all have been lovely.

So at the house with the girls, Sabina was getting ready with about-to-be sister-in-law Martha, who's wedding we shot in July 2012, and having her hair done by Sarah ... who's wedding we did in May 2012 (you can search our Blog for both those weddings later and have a look).
What a nice GWS Photography get together lol.

Mid-way through my time at the house, I nipped along to the Nether Abbey Hotel where Steven said he'd meet me at 2pm for a few photos.
I got there at 2pm and Steven appeared from his room after kilt stress a bit later, much to the non-surprise of his pals waiting :)
A quick snap here and there, but I had to get back to the house where it would be bride in dress time.

Sabina (who is from Nepal by the way) looked amazing. With a gorgeous slender dress she looked fab. And we had a conservatory to take the photos in... yay... good light ! :)

Then off I zipped to Archerfield House and set up camp. Found the guys and grabbed a few photos until the stretch limo pulled up and the main event was under way.

Archerfield offers various ways to have the ceremony in house, and this was our third visit there in recent times, and the third room the ceremony was in. I like variation.
Using the front lounge gave nice directional light from the big windows, but every room in Archerfield is beautiful.

The wedding day itself was very loose. In that there wasn't a lot of cemented in plans for set photos, or when to do a cake cutting etc.
In fact, I'd only met Steven & Sabina a few days earlier and my notes that I came out the house with just said something like "just shoot nice pictures".
Usually I have 3 pages of precise names of wedding party people, exact number of group shots, who'll be in them etc.
For me this was a real think on your feet day, so it kept me on my toes.

After all the official stuff, I checked outside hoping for a golden sunset, as it was almost 5pm, but the sky out west was greyed over, but, the opposite way, looking over the golf course offered some deep blue sky in between the clouds, so with orders of not having Sabina out in the Scottish cold for too long, I set up a light first then grabbed our newly weds for a quick 10 minutes outside.

Then it was dinner for the wedding peeps before the band (Dakota - very good by the way) set up in the opposite side lounge. A strange set up having a good live band in the corner of a lounge with deep reds and shaded lamps, and settees and comfy chairs everywhere... but it worked quite well.
Everyone had a ball, the band were very good ( yeah I know I've mentioned that already) and all too soon it was time to grab my couple for our final shots.
I'll let you wait to see the full portfolio to see one or two of Steven's last photo requests... a bit out of the ordinary, but I like something different :)

So here's to the new Mr & Mrs Donaldson, and another fabulous East Lothian wedding photography gig.

Some sample photos are below... and the slideshow above ^^^
The full portfolio is in our Gallery section now, you can go in for a look-see (and order prints if you like) once you've been given the password from S&S.

(For the gear guys 'n gals... spec of gear used etc is at the end of the blog)

Thanx folks.....


(PS mind leave a wee comment below to let us know what you thought of the wedding, or if you just like the pix)

I'm a Fujifilm camera user, I changed from Canon full frame to Fuji cameras in July 2015 for various reasons mentioned on earlier Blogs.

This wedding was shot with my standard wedding kit:

Fuji X-Pro2 with 23mm lens and a Fuji X-T1 with 56mm lens.
Two gorgeous & fast prime lenses. Around 75% of the day was shot with the X-Pro2 and 23mm.
The lighting used for the outside blue sky shots is the Lencarta Atom 360, a great light that offers a fantastic power/weight/handling combination.
I like to shoot as much of the day as candid as possible so don't use flash when I can get away without it.
If Annie is shooting with me she uses a Fuji X-T1 and the 35mm f1.2.
Wedding photography with Fuji cameras to me offers another level of enjoyment while keeping the quality of the photos high.



Photo comment By Martha Burnett: Love the photos!!!!

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