Rebecca & John's wedding at Dunglass Estate

02nd June 2016
Smashing... 2 weeks in a row I've been the wedding photographer at Dunglass. I really like shooting at that venue, it's almost like a second home.
This wedding, with the lovely Rebecca & John I had to fly solo as my able assistant Annie was away doing a charity 5k.

I still probably covered more miles than her before the ceremony started.
That's the downside to a venue like Dunglass that has everything - and everyone on site from first thing in the's too easy for me to nip out from the big house to the guys in the cottage, then up to the marquee, into the church, back to the girls in the big house... before I know it I've clocked up all my steps my Fitbit is demanding of me for a week.

Ach, I'm splitting hairs, I love shooting weddings at Dunglass. It's always great there, staff are always on point, and the day always runs like clockwork.
Beautiful scenery and photo backdrops, a good size marquee with stage area for a band and a nice big bar for the party afterwards.

It was a slow burn start to the day for this wedding, with everyone just chilling and relaxed as the clocked moved ever so gently around, until it came closer to real getting ready time when I started going from house to house, trying to catch some groomsmen photos in between the girls getting ready.
John had made it clear at every meeting we'd had that he was very... very uncomfortably getting his photo taken so that was the day's challenge, get a camera in his face as often as possible and shake that phobia out of him.
It's actually quite funny to see that the very last posed picture, he has his biggest smile of the day "You going now Grahame ? Good!" he was probably thinking.
He might have actually said that to be honest :)

But on the whole they photographed well together - a really lovely & pretty couple.
The trick with this was to get John to just look at Rebecca rather than at the camera.
Rebecca was a beautiful bride, and handled the full day easily.

The whole day was like that though, every step along the day towards the night time party just clicked and everyone had a blast.
You'll be able to see in all the unposed family & friend photos how relaxed everyone was.

I left as the night was just starting to kick in, the band were kicking out some good tunes and everyone was getting into the swing of things as I left watching our newly weds walk back to the marquee after our last photo together on their fantastic wedding day.

I'm now waiting on the call from John to get a post wedding shoot organised now :)

The main highlights slideshow is above, and some of the days funky pano 360's (yes I was playing with the new toy again) are below here.

The full portfolio of all the photos is now on our new Proofing website where it is sooo easy to view them all and order copies, have a look here...

Many thanks to the 2 families for having GWS at another fabby wedding, and here's to Rebecca & John, the new Mr & Mrs Hall !


PS Oh , please leave a comment below, tell R&J what you thought of their big day.

The big group photo of everyone...
Rebecca and John at Dunglass - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

(by the way, you have no idea how weird it is explaining to folk to look at the wee black stick - like something out of Men in Black as I dash to hide so I'm not in the shot)

John's speech
Groom's speech at Rebecca and John's wedding at Dunglass. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

The band (Pulse) in full swing
Pulse at Rebecca and John's wedding at Dunglass - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

The marquee set up at the start of the day...
Dunglass set up for today's wedding. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

And for all my photographer buddies checking in...
The wedding was shot mostly on a Fuji X-Pro2 with 18mm fixed lens (primes rule !!!)
Secondary camera Fuji X-T1 with 56mm lens.
Fuji raw files treated with Astia film simulation.

Outside lighting for bride & groom shots Lencarta Atom 360.
Pano shots Ricoh Theta S.

If you have any questions or thoughts about the photos, the gear, the whys and the whats... please feel free to leave a comment below.


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