Proposal Photography !

06th June 2015
To be a success at any level as a photographer means finding your style, what sets you apart in your field. If you just go and shoot the same pictures as everyone else you'll never make a living out of it.

But that doesn't mean you can't see an idea that someone has developed and try your way of doing it. Now and again, someone comes along and does something that you immediately think "that would be cool do do that !", and that's what I thought as soon as I'd read about Tom Keenan and his Hush Hush photography "shoot".

Tom is a portrait photographer based in Kent, and he has added a service called Hush Hush to his repertoire. To sum up in the shortest way possible - Tom takes photos of the moment someone asks their partner "Will you marry me?".
Boosh... simple as that - but imagine the emotion in those moments.

Obviously it is all arranged secretly, and the photographer is out the way, or even hiding when the couple reach the pre-arranged spot and the person doing the proposal gets down on one knee... with the photographer snapping away from behind a bush kind of thing. That might make it sound kind of paperazzi - but it's just to give you the idea.

So if anyone out there fancies having this once in a life-time magical moment, give me a call as I would be very happy to do this at a very special rate.

Proposal photography. Whatever next eh... but oh my - what a wonderful ideas !

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