Printing BIG with Fuji

07th December 2016
So... how big CAN you print with a small mirrorless camera ?
Lots of people will tell you that you must have a full frame DSLR to print big, or to get the high quality you need for high end finished products.

I've been a Fuji mirrorless shooter for about 16 months, shooting with two X-Pro2's and usually some prime lenses.

Most (90%) of my work is wedding or portrait based, so I already do lots of prints and canvases up to 30" no problem.

Recently though I shot a Lambretta scooter in the studio for a customer that had an old mirror he wanted to use as a frame. It had to be 50" on the long side.
Was I worried... not a bit.

The print (by Loxley Colour) looked amazing, the deep reds and vintage whites of the scooter's paint job looked lush on the glossy print, mounted onto 2mm card and then put in the frame.
I'd be happy to go way bigger than this.

So anyone that tells you that you have to have a super duper full frame camera to do "proper photography" really doesn't know what they're talking about.... or they are just afraid of the light side !
(or maybe they are the same kind of person that doesn't understand how photo size & dpi works in the real world... ;) )

Bob with the finished framed photo.


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