What do you need in a Wedding Photographer ?

15th September 2014
It's amazing the variety of emails we receive every week from couples making their first enquiries about a photographer for their wedding day, ranging from people just looking for someone to get a few "family snaps" of the big day, to the couples that plan every detail, and want their photographer to fit in with the day as if they were a guest.

It really is a personal thing. But there are a few important factors you should take into consideration.

Of course, you are going to want to make sure that the photographer can take good pictures. But I always say, anyone can take good photos on a good day with all the right conditions.

Oh , but how many weddings run as smooth as planned in the perfect weather, with perfect timing ? A wedding photographer has to be a good landscape, portrait & news photographer, but be able to do it in seconds, with lots of people watching and with a hotel manager glaring at the clock :)

Some of the photos shown in our slideshow here were taken with horrible weather, extreme time restraints, things that had went wrong, camera gear that had been dropped etc but the beautiful photos have still been captured.

So if your wedding photographs are important to you, make sure whoever you honour with the job can do it , and do it under pressure!

But also take into account these other points:
Insurance. Is the photographer covered against photo loss, or accidental damage or harm to guests ?

Back Up Equipment. What if batteries fail, cameras are dropped or fail, memory cards go bad ? I've had all these things happen. Disasters DO happen, so make sure your photographer can cope.

Full or Part Time ? There's nothing wrong with a photographer only doing weddings at weekends, and having a full time job. But Make sure whoever you hire will be able to answer any queries quickly - and more importantly - they will have your photos ready in a reasonable time. Our full wedding portfolios are ready within one week from the wedding day. Not weeks, months even years for some.

Experience . A photographer quite often has to more than take photos on the wedding day. A good photographer will know the venue, understand how that venue works and the timings of the day. There is nothing you can do except have lots of experience to be good at working with people at weddings, knowing what's going to happen and how to be ready for the next section.
In recent months I've been a tailor, chauffeur, helped deliver flowers, been a baby sitter, and all the time almost being a psychologist making sure everyone involved with the day that I could react with was happy with what I was doing.
All good fun.

All these things to think about are available in a PDF I send to all couples that enquire about our services, as well as a 4 page PDF with some hints, tips & ideas about the wedding day. All gained from being at a LOT of weddings.

If you have 6 minutes to spare, please watch the slideshow here which has a few examples of what we do.
All the shots here can be taken with our basic Essential Package, and if you have any questions or thoughts... please get in touch using the form below, or via email to gs@gwsphotography.co.uk


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