Photography nerves for your wedding ?

01st February 2014
Almost every couple that I meet to chat about their wedding photography at some point mention how both or one of them doesn't enjoy having their photo taken... almost warning me that I'll have my work cut out with them.
In most meetings with excited couples, the bride-to-be will tell me all the details of the day, while the groom-to-be will sit and nod... now and again warning me he's not good in front of a camera :)
I've been all over Edinburgh and East Lothian doing wedding photography sometimes further, and not many couples approach their wedding with no nerves... in fact most are completely terrified as the day gets closer. That's just normal though... I think it adds to the excitement - and shows that the couple care about their big day.

Part of any good wedding photographer's job though is to make sure that their involvement on the day doesn't add any more tension, indeed a good wedding photographer can take some of the pressure off the happy couple by easing them through the photography process... starting from the first meeting with the couple..the pre-wedding shoot. and the wedding day itself.

The pre-wedding shoot is very important.
It's a great chance for the couple and their photographer to catch up away from the stresses and planning, and get to know each other better..(with the photographer..the couple should know each other inside out by now :) )
The pre-shoot is always a laugh, some relexed photos, a chat, talk about the wedding day and all the timings and important sections that everyone has helped plan.
It's also a great time for the photographer to find out about all the small detail stuff that means a lot to the couple, but might not get mentioned in any booking forms.

So if you want some great wedding photos, make sure you choose a photographer you can get on with, one that will ease you through the process from start to finish. You don't want to be hiring someone that you meet for the first time on the day - for them to boss everyone around so they can get the job done and get away home on time.

When Mel & Jonny booked me for their wedding at The Glen Golf Club in North Berwick in 2013, they stated on quite a few occasions how they weren't looking to get too many formal photos taken... didn't want a pre-wedding shoot and were really nervous about the whole picture taking process.
" we have to do a pre shoot? We will if its something you like to do but both Jonny and I are a bit nervous about doing it..." was how one of the emails went...

"In all seriousness, this is the perfect reason to do the pre-wedding shoot. As otherwise the nerves for the wedding photos will be worse. It really is a breeze, a walk, chat stop and photo kinda thing." was my reply.

We did it, it was quite a cold day, but it was indeed great to catch up. Mel again mentioned about not wanting too many posed shots and the likes.

Photos from Mel & Jonny's pre-wedding shoot

Now the reason I'm telling you this story about Mel & Jonny was by the time we had finished the photography on the wedding day... we had some of the best photos of the year in the bag. Mostly because we relaxed the whole process, didn't rush about snapping here and there but still took small 10 or 15 minute slots twice or thrice throughout the afternoon to grab a few photos.
It was great to see a lovely couple get a great portfolio of photos that they were delighted with.

Mel & Jonny's photo is even in our shop window now and again... now , if I had just said - "yeah ok, suits me to not do a pre-wedding shoot" and just turned up on the day, herding the families about like sheep... would the wedding photos have been as nice ?

Don't get me wrong... some couples do just want someone to turn up on the day, snap away for an hour then get out of the way. But that's not my bag baby :)
I like to get to know the couple, make sure on the day it's all smooth and easy and definitely not to add to the tension and nerves. There will be enough of these without the photographer adding to them :)

GWS Photography are fully booked for 2014, a few dates left for 2015 , with 2016 & 2017 dates being taken too.

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