Photo a day - Week 6

11th February 2013
I think I mentioned last week about photos that I like not making it into my "Photo-of-the-day" , well it's odd as when I download the day's photos, I always think I know what ones I'll choose, but when it comes to the Monday night collating them all... I change as sometimes wee stories appear.
So here's week 6's summary...

A very mixed bag, with 2 photos a day or so apart linked in a way...

St Margaret's , at present, home to Winterfield Golf Club. I was in there hanging some framed photos in the restaurant (which will probably be blogged about on it's own this week). It's a gorgeous old building , but in need of some tlc.

Out on a job, and looking out the window it was a "I can see my house from here!" moments :)

Is this a sign ??? Is better weather on the way ? Gawd, I just love it when all the flowers start popping up all over the woods.

Now this is where the Fuji compact excels. It has several colour & black and white settings for the Jpegs that come out of it's SD card, one of the colour settings is called "Velvia" named after Fuji's own film which was/is very popular for it's rich colours. The digi version is brilliantly close to using the film.
On a bright day like this, with a good, deep winter sky the colours are great.

I get many daft (and some great) ideas in a flash in my mind, on Saturday while walking down to the studio I thought about doing a still life shot of a bottle of JD that lives there (for emergencies you understand :) ). SO I popped into Annette's shop , blagged a glass of her... and headed into the studio.
BUT - I'd forgotten my small lights, so chucked a table lamp to camera right, a candle with a mirror behind it to camera left and grabbed a few shots like this. Good fun.

Ah, the second part of the linked photos.... from my house... I can see where I took Wednesday's photo from. Now all you stalkers can work out where I live.

Even though I spent 2 hours at Pressmenan Woods with daughter Annie today, I mostly shot film (actually a whole roll of HP5), but Jimmy Veitch's feet with paint splatters on them won it for me :)
Sorry - no cash prize J.


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