Photo a day - Week 16

23rd April 2013
Woops , a day late. Got a bit hectic last few days... sorry :)
Well, I think you can see by the photos, Spring is here, take away the howling winds, and it's positively lovely !

So it's been fun having the Vespa to aid in my getting to different areas, away from the High Street & harbour studio.

This jolly seat has been cut out of a tree that was getting felled as part of a woodland clear-up. It's split at the arms already with the wood drying out, but what a great idea all the same.

The recent high winds took their toll on the Abbey Church spires, as one is off already, and the bigger one very shoogly looking. That's going to come down on some ned's head soon if it's not addressed.

One of the signs that Spring is in Dunbar, is the daffies at Beltonford Roundabout. Think I've taken a photo there every year in aaaaages.

These gorgeous colours here were lovely to see. This is Traprain Law from the side. Lots of braw blue sky !!

Many years ago, some wee bairn would have been pushed around in this old pram... wonder if they are around just now... ?

Out by Lafarge this massive machine is probably a blight on a lovely landscape, but there's something about the angular qualities that make it almost art-like.

And yes, it's still windy. Bubba doesn't like the wind. Just a sniff is enough.


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