Photo a day - week 1

07th January 2013
I'd decided back in December, maybe even November, in a bid to take more "out-and-about" photos, to take a photo a day.
Hopefully always just more than stick the camera out the window snapshot thing (it's too easy to get lazy once you start something like this), but something that tells a story, means something or at least looks half decent.

Part of my mission was to use my compact camera, fixed lens and no cropping or major post production. Barring a bit of sharpening and colour fix , almost as it was taken.
There's nothing wrong with post production, but I want to show a similar theme all the way though. My Fuji compact doesn't have a zoom lens just a 23mm fixed, that's roughly 35mm in full size DSLR stakes.
(Cracking wee camera by the way - very retro - sold one of my SLR's to fund it's way here!)

So what better time to start than January 1st.
Here's week one in summary... followed by a bit of info behind each picture.

January 1st, and we're right in the middle of "Festive Season". New Years Day - busy for publicans and restaurant owners, but many on holiday are still looking for a Fextive Fix of food & fun....

This is as close as we get to a wild party :) A coffee at Starbucks.
One of the good things about the Fuji compact is it's very small, it'll be great for street photography.

Heading home from the studio this day, and I spot my lovely daughter deep in text mode in the 'puter shop. In the foreground is a photo of her... she's soooooo 3 dimensional !

This shot was kind of planned. A few months back I thought it would be a bit of fun doing a personal project, photographing all of Dunbar & areas telephone boxes, seeing as they are fast becoming extinct.
I'd planned to grab this day's photo of the box outside the Volunteer Arms, I pass it every day going to the studio.
Low 'n behold though... it's gone !
So on the way home instead, I snapped the one outside Masons Shoes - before that one disappears.
Don't know who would still use a phone box in these days of cheap mobile comms... Scottish comic Limmy says just drug dealers lol

The winter boat storage down at Victoria Harbour. Lots of lovely wee nooks & crannies to be had in and around the boats. I'm sure Winifred will have a lot of better ones than this. I just liked the big blue hole :)

This is taken in the small woods at Ashfield. It's the woods I used to have to walk through to get to my mate's house (Martin) and it used to freak me out at nights. The whole area is now all houses & roads.
This moss covered tree was actually very warm to touch. Would have a pile of that on my toilet floor if it wasn't for the fact it's probably crawling with beasties !

And so it ends.
The first full week after the festive period that so many people look forward to to "get back to normal".
Wheelie bins full of Christmas trees and signs of gluttony & waste everywhere.
Ah well... back to normal !



Photo comment By Winifred: Excellent, Grahame. Took me a few seconds to understand the blue hole, and no, I don't have anything as good as that.

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