New gear test at East Fortune Hospital

02nd January 2016
Happy New Year to everyone !
Here we go head first into a year jam packed with exciting weddings and the odd personal project.
2016 is going to be our busiest wedding year ever, and that's before any last minute bookings that usually happen throughout the year, but as it stands with confirmed bookings, we're way past our target already...and the way it's looking, 2017 will beat this year as well.

But today I just want to show one of the things I got up to in December. I'd seen a new light for photography - well new to me anyway, it came out in 2012. It's basically a very powerful torch that looks like a Black & Decker drill.
The thing that drew me to it straight away was it's colour temperature.
When you use flash guns, the light is set to be as close to daylight as possible in most cases... a bright blueish white light, but the GL-1 is a constant tungsten colour - around 3000K to be precise.

The thing about that colour that I liked is with evening skies at weddings being a nice dark blue, the tungsten colour of this light would really make the subject in it's spotlight jump right out.

So I got a hold of one of these GL-1's in time for our last 2 weddings of the year, then in mid December went out with two local girls to the abandoned East Fortune hospital to do a pressure free shoot with some ideas in my head of how I would use this at weddings.

*DISCLAIMER East Fortune Hospital is a private bit of land now, and is actually very dangerous at places. I wrote to the site owners for permission to shoot there, and always park up at an approved site. We always wear hi-vis too in case of any incidents, and so as to be very visible to anyone nearby.
No-one should enter the area without permission and without the proper precautions.

Even when I'm not shooting weddings, almost every shoot I do has some kind of practise that helps in my wedding photography.
During the shoot with Makala & Caitlyn, I also took advantage of having two models to try a couple of mixed position photos that I could replicate with a bride & groom.
It's nice to be able to try ideas out in my own time.

This is also why I'm always up for doing post-wedding shoots for couples. A fun photo shoot dressed up again but with no pressures from caterers & guests... a bit of time for some funky shots and a great chance to get the wedding dress back on !

So here's a selection from the shoot, showing the light at work, and also some of the standard photography we did, some good old grungey type pictures that I love to do.
I'v also added in a couple of shots from the 2 weddings we did using the GL-1 light, and a portrait on Dunbar High Street of author Roy Pugh.

Let me know what you think of the pics or if you have any questions about my techniques, please feel free to ask. I'm always willing to share anything I have learned.
Also , if you've had your wedding, and fancy doing a post-wedding shoot, drop me an email or comment below... more often than not I do post wedding shoots for free as it's always a blast, and I use them to try ideas & lighting out... yes... YOU can be my test subjects :)

Warming the girls up with some grungey photos.

Makala up front and the camera cranked up to iso 6400

Caitlyn, I just love how all the ambient light is thrown into a cold blue, while the subject is warm and dramatically lit.

A wee bit of fun in a scarier room, lighting Makala up in one of the side rooms.

And a still of the room, the table arrangement lit up by the GL-1

The portrait on Dunbar High Street of author Roy Pugh...

Nice and quick to set up, set camera to manual exposure to get sky as dark as I wanted it, and powered up the GL-1 to suit.

Some real wedding photos using the GL-1...

Allanagh, it almost looks as though she is being lit by a sunset.

Victoria & Neil, in Edinburgh Zoo's Mansion House. The room was blue anyway, but the tungsten light of the GL-1 gives the colour differences a good kick.

Victoria looking stunning with a dramatic shadow deliberately cast on the wall behind with the GL-1.

Back to East Fortune, and we had a fun narrative section... with the girls acting as lost teenagers in a creepy situation... ooooooo :)

These were made with a mixture of flash & the GL-1, and some real expensive special FX for the smoke, all the trickery done on the spot, nothing in Photoshop. The girls played their part here brilliantly :)

And a final grungey shot... the light here WAS removed in post production, the only modification made to any of these photos.

So , a fun filled December with this new light. Please feel free to comment or ask questions.


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