Lyndi & Neil's wedding in Dunbar

10th August 2017
It seems like years since we'd been waiting for this wedding to come around, another one with local connections, and Lyndi & Neil had got in touch with me on New Year's Day 2016 (New Year engagement?).

I'd shot Lyndi's brother's wedding last year in Edinburgh (although they hadn't given me as much notice as Lyndi & Neil :) ) and it was much the same crowd at both weddings.

Today's wedding had it's ceremony at Belhaven Parish Church, in spite of scaffolding being inside & out - a few weeks of dilema to change location - but it was where they wanted to get married, by our good friend Rev Lawrence Twaddle.
Yip - the same Rev that married me 'n Ali there in 1990.

Today's wedding was made a bit more special as it was to be the last time Rev Twaddle would fly over from his new home in Geneva to do a wedding in Belhaven Church.
Lyndi & Neil made a lovely gesture of thanks by giving him a gift of a lovely watch... much like we did in 1990 , but we gave him a fountain pen, as he'd complained about his old pen when we signed our marriage certificate.
Great minds and all that, and a fitting send off to a lovely fella and much loved minister.

Lyndi & Neil's wedding in Dunbar - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

The Strawberry Barn reception

Like our wedding day , it was a wee bit rainy, not pouring like other days around this time of year that are all too common in July & August now.
It was persistent enough though that we had to resort to plans B & C for some photos, so after the family photos back inside the church (Neil & Lyndi actually got to come out to the Lifeboat crew's guard of honour twice :) )

We stayed back in the church, just the newly weds and me and Annie and we got some lovely flash lit photos before then topping up the portfolio in the studio... just being across the road from the evening reception, it made perfect sense for this weather.

Then yeah... across to the Strawberry Barn where the party started and everyone had a blast.
We had hoped to include some sparkler action, but by 8:45, it was still way too light.
We did get a bouquet toss though... wee bonus :)

So anyhoos... here's the slideshow, and below that the link to the full Gallery of photos where you can buy as many copies of the photos as you like so I can buy more wedding umbrellas.

Full Gallery...

Mind and leave a nice wee comment below... let everyone know what you thought of this wedding.



Photo comment By Nancy/Florida: Beautiful bride! I esp. like the pose with the bride's hand across her chest to the opposite shoulder. Lovely pose!
Photo comment By aileen crawford: beautiful photos beautiful bride

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