Loreto & David's wedding at Greywalls in Gullane

10th June 2016
Our second wedding of this weekend was at the fabulous Greywalls in Gullane, by Muirfield Golf Course. I hadn't ever shot a wedding there before, but had attended a couple of open days, and did the pre-shoot with today's couple... Loreto & David.

Loreto hails from Chile, and had some family & friends over for this very neat wedding. Loreto & David were both very quiet and unassuming - but as the day went on, I think there's a good bit of sneaky humour in our groom David, and both were great fun to be around.

On the way in to where everyone was getting ready (The Golf Inn, in Gullane) I popped in to Greywalls to see how the staff were setting up for the wedding.
A quick hello with Gavin the assistant manager there - and who's wedding I shot last year - and I was zipping just along the road to sit in with Loreto for a wee while.

This was a contrast to the previous days shenanigans with a bunch of rowdy Irish girls, as Loreto sat quietly having make up done by Victoria.
The calm of this morning was very settling.

David and his dad were getting ready at The Golf Inn too, and appeared at the door now and again to ask wedding related stuff... naughty boy trying to catch a look at the bride on her wedding day :)
We did the usual static shots of dresses, shoes, flowers... well... the main bouquet was metal. What a marvellous thing this was to see... you'll have to wait to see it in all the pics.
Then I had Loreto sit on the bed and relax while I included her in some of the pics, She was still so pretty and relaxed.

Then , I set about packing up to head for Greywalls, where we were to have an outside ceremony. Yay ! Our first this year!
As chance would have it, David & David Snr (dad) were planning their taxi trip, so I donned my chauffeur hat (imaginary) and took them along to the venue.
With a couple of static pics of the two David's done, I then let the day unfold itself and happen, fairly soon Loreto and her dad were along too, and we were about ready to start the main event.
They were both looking just a little more nervous as they prepared for the long walk out along the gardens to where the ceremony - and all their guests were waiting.

The two Davids were there looking down towards the main house with civil celebrant (who did Rebecca & John's wedding at Dunglass the previous week with us).
Loreto & Dad soon made the walk up and the wedding was truly underway.
Here we are in Scotland in glorious sunshine in the gardens of a stunningly beautiful venue - having an outside wedding.
I had tried to convince some of the guests earlier that this is what it's like here in East Lothian all the time - don't think I convinced anyone though.

After the ceremony, everyone took part in champers in another part of the gardens, and after allowing for drinks to settle in, I started to get through the photo list I was given my L&D. This took a little longer than usual , maybe with excitement and language barrier (even Scottish folk don't understand me sometimes), but I'd get one photo done, then Loreto, or David, or both would be away having photos taken with other groups and other peeps... but at least they were enjoying their day.

We left just enough time before dinner to get one or two photos of just the bride & groom around the grounds on their own... well, when I say on their own, they had a bit of an entourage which didn't stop us, but it did take away those moments.
I'd had a list of photos I thought would be super inside the house too, but we had ran out of time.
Sometimes that just happens.
I'll get those the next time I'm at Greywalls :)

All in all , a beautiful day with a great couple, and a real pleasure being with the families & friends in such lovely surroundings.

The main slideshow is above, a brief story of the day, and the full portfolio will be on here early next week. Friends & family will need the password from L&D to access the whole set.

Please leave small comment below if you were there, or if you are just looking in...

Thanks to Loreto & David for having me at your special day.


Inside Greywalls
Greywalls, Gullane - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Greywalls gardens
Greywalls, Gullane - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

The view of the walk up from the house to where the ceremony was
Greywalls, Gullane - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

The front of Greywalls
Greywalls, Gullane - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

And today's couple & their guests
Loreto & David's wedding at Greywalls in Gullane - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Gear talk:

I shot the entire wedding with two Fuji X-Pro2's. one with a 23mm and the other with a 56mm lens.

Some outside shots were lit with the Lencarta Atom 360.
Photos are how I like to do them, very simple processing based on the Fuji Astia film simulation.


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