Lisa & Steve's wedding at the Royal Musselburgh Golf Club

28th July 2016
Here we are on the return leg of our 2016 wedding season with Lisa & Steve's wedding marking the start of a 2 week spell of craziness before settling down to just one wedding a week until October when things settle down even more - just in time to push our new studio work (watch the News Blog for more on that soon).
Wow - what a good way to get a plug for the studio in eh :)

Anyhoos me 'n Annie arrived early as per usual at the prep location - in fact too early as no-one was in. But soon enough we were in with the lassies and dad.
Mid way through the first 90 minutes I nipped along to see Steve and the boys getting ready, and they were probably more anxious than the girls.

Back with the girls we got everyone ready, girls got in their wedding outfits & dresses and then we set off for today's wedding location - Royal Musselburgh Golf Club.
Not been there in a few years, and when we went in to drop off some gear we bumped into Calum (from Calum & Louise's wedding) Annie pipes up to me "Oh - there's Mahogony!"
A funny wee tale from their wedding in Spring of last year when Calum had topped up his fake tan the night before the wedding and when asked by one of the bridesmaids what colour he was today "Mahogony!" was Calum's answer. Brill :)

We got ready for today's wedding anyway, and fairly well on time, everyone was inside and waiting on the girls arriving.
Once everyone was ready to go... David Duncan led us through a very pleasant ceremony before we went outside for a balloon release.
(I must tell Lisa & Steve about the Twitter war I got dragged into by some environmental warrior about balloons and their dangers-which resulted in me having to block this nutter on Twitter)
The weather was holding off fine, so we cracked on and easily skipped through the family photos before we gave Lisa & Steve 10 minutes chill time then took them for a 15 minute photo session - nice, easy, brief & with lovely results.
We pride ourselves on getting the bride and groom back and ready for the wedding co-ordinator and today was no different, as we passed them across to get ready for their receiving line.

Speeches came traditionally after the meal today , then at about 6:30 everyone made way for the staff to turn the room around for the night time festivities.
This is where the only odd thing of the day happened as we have usually got cake cutting, first dance and another 15 minutes of party time photographed by 8:30, when we take the bride & groom aside for one last picture session, but by 8:40 everyone was till just milling about inside & outside.
Don't get me wrong, everyone was happy and enjoying themselves, but after an hour we thought we'd run out of people to photograph, but no sooner was I away to make sure nothing was wrong when the DJ announced Lisa & Steve to the dance floor... phew - everything was ok.

The slideshow of the day is here with some other 360 pics, and the full Gallery of almost 500 photos will be ready soon. You can go over to the website and register your email address to receive an email when the photos are up, if you didn't do that at the wedding.
The full portfolio is now live here...

Anyway, enjoy the slideshow, and please leave a comment below, tell us what you thought of the day , and what you think of the photos.

Thanks to Lisa & Steve for having us at their big day, it was a thrill to get to meet everyone.

All the wedding guests around Lisa & Steve...
Lisa & Steve, and their wedding guests at Royal Musselburgh Golf Club, July 2016 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

The balloon release #1
The balloon release at Lisa & Steve's wedding at Royal Musselburgh Golf Club. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

The balloon release #2
Lisa & Steve's balloon release #2 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Lisa & Steve with Maid of Honour & Best Man
Lisa & Steve with maid of honour Gail and best man Hendo - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

The speeches
The groom's speech at Lisa & Steve's wedding - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

There we go... don't forget to leave a comment, and check the full Gallery when the pics are live...


As per usual this wedding was shot on Fujifilm cameras.
Me with two X-Pro2's , nice and light and gorgeous photos out of those things, and the lenses for me a 23mm and a 56mm. Annie shot with an X-T1 with 16-55mm.
Outside dramatic lighting was Lencarta Atom 360, and the 360 pano shots were done with the Ricoh ThetaS.

We shoot with Fuji's Classic Chrome film simulation, and tweak ever so slightly in Lightroom to get our look.


Photo comment By Charles Snr: Love the Pics what a fantastic day just wish we could do it all again. Wishing a;; the best to Steven & Lisa. Dad & Margaretrose
Photo comment By Nicola: Beautiful just beautiful. What a lovely day for 2 lovely people. Had a tear in my eyes look at the slid show followed by the music. the photos are amazing. Congratulations again love nicola & Scott

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