Lisa & Alan's wedding in Dunbar

29th August 2016
The build up to this wedding was one of excitement - then of fear of bad weather. You see, Alan is a member of the Lifeboat, and whilst chatting when out on the pre-shoot, we mentioned how good it would be to go on the Lifeboat for a few photos - something really different. So that's what we set up to try do.
But then the days leading up to the wedding, all weather forecasts were telling us severe rain & thunderstorms were due on the day of the wedding.

Like any good pro, I had game plans in place for all contingencies, but on the day of the wedding , it was actually quite nice. When I was at the prep with the girls, I kept looking out the windows, and you could see the Lammermuir Hills a few miles south were holding black lots of black clouds... we all prayed that's how it would stay, and apart from a very slight sprinkle of rain as we came out the church after the ceremony - we did very well indeed with the weather.

Those Lammermuir Hills have saved Dunbar on many occasions. Maybe the guys at the wind farms turned all the turbines to blow the weather away... yeah , let's go for that ;)

The day had many moments of emotion - which I love for the photos - and although there were many well kent faces at the wedding, some playing crucial roles, there were also a lot of nerves.
Everyone held out great though, and after the ceremony we did indeed head down to the harbour... Elizabeth Torrance driving down the newly weds.
We got onto the lifeboat, and persuaded them to take us away from the harbour wall... the guys and girls on the Dunbar crew really are something else and they let us get a few groovy "not your average wedding shots" - thanks folks !
Once back on dry land mi-hearties, we grabbed a few dramatic stormy sky pics at the other side of the harbour before getting our happy couple up to their guests at the Strawberry Barn.
From there on in it was a fun party for all with everyone posing for photos until the dancing started.
I tried in vain to get Alan back onto the dance floor for a final shot with his new wife - as someone must have turned the Lammermuir Hills fans off - letting the rain hit us now. Alan wasn't going to budge so I meandered around the dance floor for a bit before slipping away at about 8:45 - with another great wedding in the bag.

Massive thanks to Lisa & Alan and their families for having me at their big day.

The full Gallery of photos will be on view where you can see them all - and indeed order prints direct - at the link below.

Here's the slideshow highlights to keep you going just now though...

The Gallery site...

Lisa & Alan's wedding in Dunbar - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Today's wedding was shot on one Fujifilm X-Pro2 and the 16-55mm lens all day.
I usually shoot primes, but with the weather forecast - this lens has better water seals, and with the possibility of going on the Lifeboat, I had to choose gear to give me all options with minimal handling.
Files were taken out of the camera and set up with a tweaked Fujifilm Classic Chrome simulation.
Editing time these days is minimal :)


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