Laura & Jamie's wedding in Dunbar

04th September 2014
The Rocks in Dunbar was the venue for the ceremony & meal for Laura & Jamie's wedding. The small intimate front room.
I'd shot a wedding in there before, and knew it would be a physical challenge for a big lad like me... so it's just as well daughter Annie is getting up to speed with her wedding photography quick, as she was planted in the front window beside Rev Twaddle to shoot from the front, while I skipped around behind the guests getting "other" shots.
She did a marvelous job.

But... before all that, I'd met up with the girls at Laura & Jamie's house. The usual nerves, excitement and buzz was around.
Timings went well, and we managed to capture some shots of Laura in the dress, and even better... dad Peter arrived just before I bolted to the hotel to set up for the ceremony with Annie.

All went well, apart from it being a bit windy, but everyone was fine outside for the family shots afterwards.
Because of this wedding being over 2 separate locations, and in a working restaurant, we had to get the newly weds back in for 3:15pm. A bit tight but we managed a few quick shots around the promenade, before I - as usual - got them back in time.

I need to stop being so good at that as the caterers are never ready for us :)

After dinner we had planned a photo shoot at Belhaven Beach, before heading off to the evening reception at Dunbar's "Fruit Farm" venue. A good size location - great for live bands.

Being a wedding photographer comes with many duties ... taking photos is the main one, but you have to be able to get on with people, read peoples moods, know when the bride & groom need space, a rest or just 5 minutes alone.

It's a very tiring emotional day, and as the afternoon wore on, it was clear our newly weds just needed a wee break and freshen up, so I whisked them back to their house and kept Olivia entertained while they brushened up and applied some make up. Laura had a quick fix too (ha ha).
Most people think it's the photography that wears couples out on a wedding day, but more often than not, it's the constant cuddling, kissing and catching up with families and friends.
It's always good to just grab the bride & groom, and whisk them off to be on their own for a short while.
The photos of Laura & Jamie along the promenade are just like that, as they asked each other how their mornings went, and what they thought of the day so far.
People forget the bride & groom have completely different days until the ceremony is all but wrapped up.

But in saying that, Laura & Jamie were excellent to work with throughout the day. Laura was as pretty as ever, and even through the stresses of the morning and the emotions of the ceremony, the bubbly personality & smile was always there.
People don't realise just how much extra stress couples with their own children are under during a wedding day.
While still fending off all their uncles and aunties wanting selfies with the happy couple, they still have to keep one eye on youngster.
Olivia was brilliant, but like any parent knows... you still have to keep a watch out... and that's on top of all the "I do's" etc.

So, once the hair was fixed, kilt straightened and no doubt a swift gin was knocked back, and me still acting as chauffeur/kids entertainer, we made our way to The Fruit Farm so they could meet up with their evening guests.
The band had just arrived to set up, so that gave me time to set up my lights for the first dance, and allow all the other kids to do their Peter Kay style slides along the massive dance floor :)

All good. The band were great and everyone had a blast. It was a good local crowd, so I knew almost everyone there.
Laura & Jamie brought the cake cutting forward so I even managed to grab a few frames there too.

And then, that's it.
It always seems so quiet and boring in the days after a wedding.
The months of preparation, the day of 1000mph activity then ..... stop.
The new Mr & Mrs Brown are off for a few days leave, and I'm cracking on here sorting through the photos.

So here's a sample of them, the full portfolio will be up in our Gallery Section soon, and after Laura & Jamie have viewed them themselves. You'll need to get the password from them to view them.




Photo comment By Grahame: On another wee side not about "the photographer's unreported duties"... as the bridesmaids were outside waiting, and with Laura on her way... my spidey senses tingled... something wasn't right. I ran inside the hotel to find most of the guests loitering around in the lobby still... some even still in the bar. No-one had thought to get all the guests in, leaving them wandering around. Time for the photographer to practise the boomy voice... "Ladies & gentleman, it would be advisable to get your good selves into the front room for the wedding please... the bride is on her way!" Just in the nick of time, I caught the wedding car just coming down the street. Phew.

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