Katie & Lucian's wedding in Dunbar

05th May 2016
I'd only met Katie & Lucian for the first time the day before their wedding. They popped in to see me at our shop to chat about how the day was planned to unfold, and how we could eek out the best photos and let the relaxed & vintage look shine through.
The day we met it was glorious spring weather, but it was the only good day we'd had in about a week with howling cold winds & rain, so I promised them a nice day for their wedding - it's the least I could do for such a lovely couple.

Ah, you know how in lots of other Blogs I write about a good photographer always has plan B, C and sometimes D... well the wedding day arrived and threw a few wobblies.
A lesser professional other than myself (hey ! I got to blow my own trumpet - and it's my blog lol) may have panicked at how the day kind of slipped away.
Considering the two venues getting used... The Bayswell for the prep (and that created a couple of early mis-haps by the way) and The Rocks for the ceremony are in view of each other to the extent I was able to wave to Lucian while shooting the prep... you'd think... what could possibly go wrong ?

Well, firstly, the lovely white wellies that were possibly going to be used in photography later on if we went anywhere muddy - got fused to Katies feet. I had wondered why she was wearing them all morning, and when it came to dress on time, the section of the time for me to do a lot of gorgeous bridal portraits... well, the clock ticked away, and it ticked, and it tocked until we found out that the girls had to get scissors to cut off the wellies.
We still made do with the minutes we had left though.
Katie looked stunning in her slender white dress so it was easy to rack in a few good photos before I ran across the road to photograph the guys and wait for the girls to come over to start the ceremony.

We waited, the bridesmaids all arrived... in a reversal of views I was able to wave to Katie across at the Bayswell from my position now outside The Rocks... with all the guests heating up quite fast in the small front room.
Then Katie walked out along the side of the hotel and we assumed she was getting in the Jag to come across and start the main event.
But 10 minutes later - no sign.
Then she appeared back at the room in The Bayswell. I waved again... this time a bit more concerned. She waved back.
Turns out she was trying to get my attention and she had to phone one of the guests to ask Holly (Maid of Honour and saviour of the day) to run across NOW to tend to an emergency.

I then had to step up and explain to Lucian and the registrar Fiona that there will be a slight delay whilst a small hiccup was addressed.
It turns out the dress zipper had broke.
Holly fixed the dress in amazingly quick and fanciful fashion (the white feather boa was a lucky stroke of genius).

But I tell you what though, all future brides should take a leaf out of Katies book... she then was across to be married, just as excited and full of fun as if nothing had happened.
Top lass !

So... other than a late start to that section of the day, everything went exactly to plan. I caught up with most of the lost time at the family group photo section, by being a little firmer than usual, but the guests knew the score and they all behaved :)

There was a great mix of friends & family up for this wedding, with lots of family including the bride & groom from Birmingham, and even a contingent from Spain. This actually led to one of the oddest things of the day for me, I was unaware of who was who amongst the guests, and at one point outside, Lucian's mum said how cold she was and back home in Barcelona it's warm every day - I remarked how I thought today in Dunbar was lovely (we're used to baltic winds 365 days a year I suppose), but then I stood in front of a group of guests , maybe about 5 or 6 people and in my broad, deep and fast Scottish accent went on to explain for a good few minutes how Dunbar is officially the sunniest place on Scotland - true fact folks. Any way I glossed over this remarkable claim to fame for a few minutes looking at everyone in turn and boasting about our great wee town, and they all in turn nodded politely back.
When I eventually stopped rambling, Lucian's mum gave me a second to make sure I was finished, then turned to the other guests who I'd been boring with my stats and she then explained back in Spanish to them all what I had just been saying... then I was met with a chorus of "Aaahhhhhs". :) No-one had been getting a word of what I was saying. lol

To be honest, I get that sometimes from Scottish people.

The link to Dunbar by the way is Lucian's mum, who used to live here.
I did recognise some of the family right enough.

So family shots done, bride & groom freshened up...

Then it was our time.
The best part of the day (if you ask me) where the newly weds get to switch off for the first time that day and relax with one another - their new partner for life - officially !
I played chauffeur again firstly taking in Dunbar Harbour for a photo session there, before going down to the ever photographed Belhaven Bridge for a few minutes there too.
Katie & Lucian both looked swell in the photos (there's a word I don't use enough... swell). The wind was cutting through us at times , but Katie used it to add more drama to the pics.
These weren't the main pictures we'd planned, but with the timings of the day being knocked, once I showed K&L some of the photos from the harbour as we were shooting them, they shared my vision of those wonderful dramatic sky photos and this beautiful couple.
Big thanks to Lucian's sister Vanessa for being my assistant and roadie.

So there we have the brief story of my part in this wedding.
It really was a fun, interesting and loving day.

The slideshow is above, a few more pics below, and the full portfolio is in our Gallery section now. You'll need the password from K&L to view and order any copies you would like..

Please leave a comment below to tell our happy couple what you thought of their big day...

As per usual, my tech info is at the bottom of the blog for any photo gear heads looking in.


Cameras used: Fuji X-Pro2 with 18mm lens and Fuji X-T1 with 56mm lens. No zoom lenses were used or harmed in the making of this wedding.
Cameras shot in raw, but with customized Classic Chrome film look that I always use.
External lighting at harbour and bridge areas was Lencarta Atom 360 fired with manual trigger.

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