How much wedding photo coverage do you need ?

11th February 2016

A question that I ask at the start of every wedding consultation I have is "Do you know how much coverage you want?".
Especially when the couple don't know what package they might be looking towards, or if they are just at the planning stage and maybe visiting a few photographers.

Quite often the couple won't know, and we then try to zone in to get a good package and price that suits everyone.
I suppose the most important things to take into consideration are the following:

1) Budget. Longer photography time will no doubt cost more.
2) Are you going to dance ? Might seem a bit obvious, but some couples really don't enjoy this part of the day and just want to 'get it over and done with' , while others are completely up for it and might even practice some funky moves.
3) Are your guests going to join in the party ? You can plan your first dance as best as you can, but at some weddings, guest just want to sit and drink. That doesn't make for exciting photography. But again, we've been to some weddings where we don't want to leave as the party is so good !
4) What photos are important to you ? If you really just want gorgeous photos from the day time sections, including some lovely bride & groom alone ones and some candid shots, then you don't really need night time coverage.

Back in the old days, when photographers shot film, they could do several weddings in a day, going from church to church, rattling off a few frames of family photos on the steps of the church before moving onto the 4pm one down the road.
Nowadays though, it's almost expected to have a photographer on the clock from 11am to 9pm.
Is it right ? No. Is it wrong ? No.
It's completely up to you.

From a personal point of view having covering many, many weddings, there are some when we know that the sections from 5pm onwards won't go in the album as nothing happened, but also we know there's been weddings we've been to when we were finished at 5pm, but the crowd of friends there were so into it we would have loved to have stayed and caught the good time that was going to happen.

We offer photography coverage that goes from 4/5pm all the way through to 10pm and beyond. We really will do whatever you want from us, but we will also try to advise you what will be best if you give us some information about the things you have planned at night.

So it's worth giving some thought to the points above and telling us when you come for a chat how you would like your day to play out.

We'll be there for as long as you want us, and we'll also guide you through the planning stage at the beginning too.


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