Gillian & Geraint's wedding at Melville Castle 16th April

21st April 2016
Melville Castle just outside Edinburgh is a glorious venue. Huge grounds with lots to explore and an exquisite building for photography inside.
So with Gillian & Geraint being a fun & happy couple, it was sure to be a great wedding.

When we set off to a shoot like this, we have several game plans to be ready for good or bad weather, and various ideas of where we can do photos at each point of the day.
On a by-the-book wedding, we'd be taking bridal pictures in the morning, then meeting the guys at the venue for some cool dude shots before the ceremony starts.
Then it's family & group pictures... give the bride & groom a break then a small section of photos with just the happy couple.

But when does any wedding run by-the-book :) I've yet to encounter one.
That doesn't mean the day wasn't good - in fact quite the opposite. It's the un-planned and task-worthy events that happen that make every wedding day unique for the couple.

Once we'd been at the house with the girls doing a short prep session, me and our Annie headed along to Melville to find Geraint to do some groomsmen shots.
Geraint was in his room at Melville but with son Blair firmly glued to his chest not wanting to be anywhere except attached to daddy. Very cute but that made Plan A redundant.
Blair was a big part of the day though - and rightly so.
So we made use of people's appearances when we could up until the girls arrived and the ceremony unfolded.... with Blair still attached to Geraint.

All went to plan and with the sun shining outside, we arranged for the piper to lead everyone outside for the family shots, and just as he stepped out the door the heavens opened up with heavy sleet/snow... so it was a quick "Sorry folks... change of plan...".

That's how weddings roll .

Trying our best to play to the weather's strengths, Annie popped up with a couple of white brollies so we could get a nice shot of G&G outside in the showers.
Out we popped and out came the gorgeous sunshine again.
We thought fast and did all our photos in an order that made use of inside locations and out.

The rest of the day ran fairly well to time. We just made sure whenever we had a slot - we filled it with a planned out photo... with Annie & myself scouting the grounds while the guests made their way through dinner.

Before too long the band had arrived set up and we got ready for the night time events too. Everyone was having a ball, and there was a few of those on show... the guys will know what I'm on about there ;)
A fantastic day - as expected, a lovely couple and great family & friends around them.

I hope you enjoy the slideshow above, the full portfolio of photos is in our Gallery Section now. You will have to get the password from G&G to view & order any copies you may like. (or just see them :) )

Please feel free to leave a comment below, tell G&G how much you enjoyed the day.

Thanks for checking in...


Tech bit...

Main camera Fujifilm X-Pro2 with 23mm lens, my second camera Fuji X-T1 with 56mm.
Annie shot the day with X-T1 and 16-55XF zoom.

Outside lighting with Lencarta Atom 360.
Some inside group shots using the Lowel GL-1. A great hand held torch. Very powerful for inside shots , or after sun sets and give a strong zoomable tungsten coloured light.

Almost all shoots I go on I shoot with prime lenses. I believe it trains your eye to know what you will capture, and in most cases the wide open aperture allows them to be used in very low light.



Photo comment By Katie Medlam: Fantastic photos!!

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