First 4 months as a Fuji user

20th December 2015
So in mid August of 2015 I gave up the Canon gear and switched to Fujifilm.
12 weddings and many other shoots under the belt now in that final third of the year - I thought I'd give a review of the equipment and it's influence on how we work.

To be honest it feels like I've been using these cameras for a lot longer, that in itself says a lot - that I feel so comfortable with them already. More than what I ever did with any of the Canon systems.

My standard kit now it two X-T1's, an X-Pro1 and a first edition X100 (that's now really just a back up & video camera now).
Lenses are straight forward. Almost all the time I have them kitted out this way...

One X-T1 with the absolutely fantastic 50-140 2.8 XF , which is the Fuji version of the 70-200, but it blows the Canon gear out the water with quality of build and the photos it gives. That and a 4-5 stop image stabliliser. What a brill bit of kit.

The other X-T1 has the 16-55 2.8 XF (the 24-70 equivalent)

And the X-Pro1 has the 23mm 1.4 XF , yet another blindingly good lens.

I also have the 18-135mm XF with OS, but it doesn't get out much I'm afraid.

So that's the gear set up that we own - the main stuff anyway.
We sold or PX'd all the Canon gear... a 5Diii , 5D11 and a 50D and a pile of top L lenses.
Making the change to Fuji probably worked out to be a financial bonus, with the second hand price of the stuff we moved on being more than the new price of all the Fuji kit we collected in a very short period of time.

Anyone that knows me might remember that the last year or so with Canon I was using more & more prime lenses, only using zooms at weddings that were just too difficult to switch cameras or that needed several focal lengths due to positioning restrictions.
While I love the 2 main Fuji zooms I have, more fixed focal lengths will come I'm sure, as these lenses are just so immaculately sharp it's unreal.
I'm not saying the zooms aren't as well mind, that 50-140 is frighteningly good, and can be hand held at really low shutter speeds with it's amazing OS.

The 23mm I have which is almost always on the X-Pro1 is the 35mm equivalent in full frame terms, so I'd imagine sometime soon that will be joined by a 16mm (24mm eq) and 56mm 1.2.
But just now I am more than satisfied with the kit in the bag right now.

As I said at the start, I've shot 12 weddings in those brief months being a Fuji user, and they have all been a joy to use. The picture quality is always amazing, and at high ISO - if exposed correctly, more than a match for the Canon 5Diii.
The bodies are small and light, and only become really noticeable when that massive 50-140mm is being used.
At a wedding during more casual sections or during the evening entertainment, using the X-Pro1 can make you almost invisible. You blend in with the guests with this plain black, small camera, and with the 23mm 1.4 lens on it I can snap away inside without flash.

So yes, the move to Fuji was a good one. These guys make a seriously good bit of kit. But I know there are hundreds of Blogs & reviews out there covering all the Fujifilm gear, so I'll do the rest of my talking with some photos now.
If you want to know all fantastic things these cameras can do , then you'll not be short of reading on the internet, things like the fantastic autofocus (with face detection linked with AE - a dream bit of computing), the superb straight out of camera Jpegs (yes I know there's these varying camps of people "ooo if you go on and on about straight out of camera it's because your rubbish at post production" and "if you have to do lots of post production, you can't be a very good photographer" etc, but to have a camera that WILL give you ready to use jpegs is a huge bonus.

Ok so here IS one of those "straight outta camera shots". I took this this morning with the X-Pro1 (slightly inferior to the X-T1's with the sensor, so it STILL shows you how good these things are. 23mm lens at f2.8, black & white with red filter simulation mode.

X-Pro1 sooc shot

So it's a crop sensor - a CSC. Do we lose any quality dropping down from full frame DSLRs ? No. Not at all. I never really have to print big, but the photo below shows a 30x30" print we have in our shop - which has been cropped too, and it looks fantastic.
So don't blame your small sensor for not having good quality big prints :)

Shop 30x30" print

You can be just as - if not MORE creative with your photograaphy when you want to mix ambient & flash. With the electronic viewfinder of the X-T1, you can see what you're actually going to capture. So set up how you want the ambient light to look, and then throw in your flash for the big dramatic effect.

X-T1 on manual exposure and trigger fired flash behind couple.

Snap & Go !
The Fuji systems are great on the go.
Here the X-Pro1 with 23mm was brought up for a quick grab as Allanagh & Michael walked down the aisle together. and at f2 we could keep the iso down at 800, but shutter speed in control at 1/160 sec.

X-Pro1 and 23mm lens at f2

Need high ISO ? No problem. This shot below was taken at iso6400. The quality is brilliant, and I used face detection to control the autofocus. If this was taken with the Canon and it's 70-200 we couldn't have got down to as low as slow as 1/100 second shutter speed for fear of camera shake, but the image stabiliser in this lens is amazing. I'd have happily grabbed this at 1/60 sec if I needed to.

X-T1 with 50-140mm lens at iso6400, f3.6 and 1/100sec.

So there you go... and end of year review of our journey so far with Fuji.
I just can't wait to start the next chapter - and get some more prime lenses :)



Photo comment By Jeff Carter: Glad the move to Fujifilm has worked for you Grahame. Great cameras and lenses.
Photo comment By Grahame: Thanks Jeff. Yeah, from the first day I picked up our first X-T1 there was no doubt in my mind this was the way forward.

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