Well that's the ELCAP shoots finished... watch this space on news on how much we raised for the cause...
You will need the password to view them and buy copies, and you will be given that on the day of your shoot.


We're doing a whole bunch of portrait sessions in our new studio over November with a very low fee of £10 - all of which is going to go to ELCAP to help towards the sensory garden project they have that will be at Belhaven Hospital.

It will be 15 minute sessions, and we aim to give everyone 5 to 10 great quality photographs with the option to buy copies - or not. We'll be doing a set theme and it won't suit everyone, nor will we be able to do large groups or families in these sessions, but for individual people, couples, and small groups of up to 3 or 4 ... it will be fine.

**PLEASE NOTE we've had a few enquiries for people to have new borns or infants photos taken, but we are not set up yet for wee ones on their own, so an adult or older child will have to be in all photos with any really young children. 15 minute slots are usually too short too for young kids to settle in time too.

Here's how it works... you call up, pop in or email to book a slot. You can pay when you book, or when you come along for the shoot (but please do turn up!).
You're £10 gets you the 15 minute portrait session and the full £10 goes to the ELCAP fund.
The photos go into a private Gallery for you - where you can then buy copies - or not - it's up to you. It's through the print sales that we hope to cover our costs, but at the end of the day so long as we raise some money for the Garden Fund and raise awareness of our new studio we'll be happy.

This is a similar set up to the ones we ran with Karen Bell previously, and we thank her this time again for giving us some pointers to who we can do this for.

Please be aware that these are just short 15 minute sessions, so whoever is there to be photographed has to be ready for it - we'll send you an information pack and print price list once you book.
If you want a full family portrait, dog portrait etc, then you'd be best to book one of our standard portrait sessions.