Edinburgh Street Photography workshop

24th April 2016
Street photography is one of those things that chills me out , much like landscape photography, where I can do my own thing, away from the rush of a wedding day but still learn and improve my photography.

Then I found this day workshop with Lauren MacNeish (links at bottom of page) through Calumet & Fujiholics, that was on my last free Saturday in a while, so I got two tickets so I could take my regular photographic partner in crime, Martin, along with me.

At the introduction and brief, I sat quietly as Lauren discussed her approach, some do's and don'ts and she set us up for the afternoon walk up to Edinburgh's Royal Mile.
I nodded and agreed (and inside my head applauded and cheered) when Lauren mentioned the amazing Fuji wedding photographer Kevin Mullins - a real natural/candid wedding photographer. By that I mean someone who understands the craft and works hard at it, not just a wedding photographer that is starting out and explains they are candid in their approach, but they really are hiding a lack of experience & know-how.
Anyway, street photography to me as well as being an escape is - as Lauren mentioned - a way of learning to observe and practise getting real candid moments.

I've mentioned in various blogs & Facebook posts that even when I'm just out with the dog, I'll take my camera as even then I'm thinking about wedding photography, the fast moving kids that dart about, the changing lighting... all being rehearsed in my head as I take pictures of my excited labrador at f1.2.

Every day is a learning day for me, always looking for ways to make the next wedding better.

So I think I'll make a conscious effort to do more street stuff, it was a good enjoyable experience, and a good mental relaxing day.
My legs would argue though.

Here's some pics from the day...

This guy looks like he's just seen some really annoying Facebook posts.

I'd have waited longer to get a better set of people in this picture, but we had to move on.

I knew that sooner or later, someone on a bus would do more than just scowl at me...

Just behind the lass whizzing past the centre of the frame is the old chaps wife demanding she knew the right way to go

As Paul Weller penned... "From this window I see the whole world pass..."

An easy shot to get, and I think the chap's look was because so many of us had just snapped him.

Every few Saturday's I see bags of dresses from this shop - Emma Roy's - so I HAD to get something from here. The lady outside soooooo wants to be a bride (maybe)

Mary Ellen Mark (brill photographer, sadly passed away last year) always said to build your photos in layers. I like the 3 stories here, but I'd love to know what the guy is running for. Just late for a bus ?

In a street full of people with time off, there's always still work needing done.

A quiet moment, I went into wedding photographer mode here, and almost assumed this was the groom having a quiet moment on his own.

This is technically a missed photo, I wanted to get the old painted signage in, but with some action below. Then this lad was coming down the street on a skateboard. But I missed the framing. The photo is maybe saved by it looking like he's gliding along the bottom of the photo ?

Waited ages for this. As we were walking past, I seen the hand come up from inside the window taking a bottle to look at it, I knew fairly soon she'd have to put it back.

Smile for the man ! With a little help from the driver, the wee dog was encouraged to jump up and greet me.

And at the end, my photographic maniac mate and I had a hot greasy pie.
Nearly got a cup of pie grease all over the X-Pro2.

I shot the whole day on the ever excellent X-Pro2 and 23mm f1.4 lens.
For the first time trying out the very talked about Acros film simulation and in Jpeg.
ISO was set to 1600, f8 and aperture priority, it was sunny, and the camera can go up to 1/8000 sec, and I wanted to zone focus at a range of roughly 3-15 metres. Manually pushing further for any further away shots.
I shot nearly all photos from chest height (wherever the camera strap let it hang).

Big thanks to Lauren, Fujiholics and Calumet (although they were a bit tight with times and refreshments - staff let us down a wee bit). In saying that, I've still spent £££££ with them in recent years.

Check out Lauren here

Fujiholics here

Calumet for training here

Mary Ellen Mark

And Kevin Mullins (who also does street workshops)

Again, thanks to Lauren for taking time out to do these workshops and her walks. Without people like this putting something back in, we'd all have to Google stuff and never really get anywhere.
Having a real person explain things to you is the best way to learn.
I'm off to spend a week with Jerry Ghionis in September. Can't wait for that either !

Any thoughts or questions, please leave me a wee comment.


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