East Fortune Hospital revisited (in film)

18th March 2014
Took an almost official visit to East Fortune Hospital and shot a roll of Ilford HP5 film.
This was part of a scouting mission for a possible large scale shoot. We've been in touch with the site developers for official access with a crew, but it's very much a work in progress.
I'm shooting these projects on good old fashioned film to keep it all lo-tech, for no other real reason other than it's more fun, and more challenging.

I did actually shoot one section with the Fuji X100 , part of another mission which is shown at the bottom here too.

I've blogged about the use of film on here before so won't bore you with any more of that... but there's just something special about doing stuff old school. Even doing this shoot ... 24 shots in and it's a wrap. There's no testing a shot , shooting a dozen or so variants of the same picture until the exposure looks right.
24 shots, and it's back to the car and into the kitchen with the chemicals to develop the film.

So here's a preview of what I got this time. The negatives are still being flattened (they sometimes need to be almost ironed to go into my scanner!) so they are still very much a work in progress... as is the whole project.

PS ... link to my previous blog about film... http://gwls.photium.com/news78323.html

And the digi picture... had to shoot this with my Fuji X100 that day , as it needed a very high ISO , and the camera was loaded with HP5 - which is 400.
But here's "Death of a Clown"... Thanks to my courageous model Martin.
For the shot here we were in and out in around 5 minutes, including the clown shoe and stripped top... I'd scouted the room 3 times, back at home drawing what I was after, so when the day came we spent as little time as possible in this really manky and odd room.

And a final word on the area up there... without real permission and approval you could get in bother, and it's very dangerous.
So no family trips there folks !

If you want to waste 4 minutes... here's a rubbish video on the basics of film developing... but your better off watching some TV adverts :)



Photo comment By Patricia Smith: great as always Grahame

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