Demi & Jared's wedding in Dunbar

24th June 2016
Lots of couples - ok, let's be more clear... lots of brides-to-be plan the perfect wedding, right down to the smallest detail.
But I've been in this game for long enough to know... if those plans then include a youngster, say 2-4 years old, you can pretty safely say that any part they were supposed to do will go right out the window.
That doesn't mean to say the wedding won't be excellent - it actually usually means it's more interesting :)

Queue the adorable but highly excited Ainslie, 3 year old to Demi & Jared, today's lovely wedding couple. Put any 3 year old in a big event like a wedding, and they are going to own it :)

But like I say... it made for those extra laughs that the guests will talk about for years to come, and when I'm 70, still shooting weddings, and Ainslie hires me, I'll be sure to remind him what he got up to lol

Anyway , on with this wedding's story...

A local gig for me in two locations, the spacey and beautiful Dunbar Parish Church, and the Dunmuir Hotel, with it's excellent and attentive staff, ran by Lesley (Phil was away to Le Mans would you believe).
I can see both locations from my window as I type this , that's how close they are to me. My Fuji gear almost allows me to walk to a wedding like that.

I met up with Demi & the girls in the Yosemite suite of the hotel and we let the morning progress. I've known D&J for a few years and that always helps as we work our way through a wedding day, before too long I was dropping hints that now would be a good time for the girls to get into their frocks, as church time was fast approaching.
I'm always looking for new spots & angles on venues I visit frequently and I noticed today the beautiful light coming in a skylight above the stairs.
I got Demi out the suite for a few shots in the wonderful light, with Demi's blue eyes sparkling in the sunshine.
At that point I made my farewells and ran (ok walked quickly) along to the church to find Jared & best man Lawrie chatting with Rev Gordon at the alter.
We took a few pics of our two handsome lads then the kick off time approached... I'd advised Rev Gordon & our Groom , that there might be a small delay as when I'd left the girls they were having a couple of dress challenges that were getting resolved frantically as I left - you don't want to be in a room of lassies when they have stuff they NEED to do !

But pretty soon the ceremony was in full swing.
Ainslie was using the space inside very well , running from corner to corner, having a wee go on a guitar that was lying there, sitting at the alter - all good high spirited stuff :)
Another small delay incurred when the pen ran out of ink before Demi could sign her name of as a Johnston and now to be a Knox... it made for another photo opportunity for me as she stood waiting by the alter for a new pen, I posed her quietly and snapped away - I never miss an opportunity.

Outside Jared had arranged a guard of honour by the local Fire Service of which he is an active member, then we ran through the family photos before - at last - giving our happy couple some space, time and quiet on their own for the first time that day.
It's always a nice step off the gas moment at this point of the day.
We took a quick drive down the harbour for a dramatic photo, but the swell was too high and the bridge was up - so off we went to plan B , down to Belhaven Beach, parked up and posed & photographed.
Demi looked amazing posed against their wedding car with a dramatic sky behind her, we then popped her hubbie into the picture to complete it... on the way back we even managed to stop off for a few nice pics at the glebe with the sea in the background, and I had them back at the hotel and we'd made up all the lost time from dress miss-haps and the likes.
What a team we are !
I handed authority of the wedding couple over to Lesley who then ensured they had a wonderful afternoon (very emotional speeches) and then top East Lothian DJ David Currie got the evening going.
I finished off with a few nice sunset pics before calling it a night, leaving the youngsters to party on.
A great day, full of lots of little stories to tell everyone but they will all say what a fabby wedding this was.

The full portfolio is now live here... where you can view all the photos and order copies direct.

Thanks to D&J - Mr & Mrs Knox for having me at their big day !


Dunbar Parish Church, wedding of Demi & Jared - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Inside the Parish Church during the wedding.
Can you spot me ?

Dunmuir Hotel, wedding of Demi & Jared - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

The Goldenstones Suite of The Dunmuir Hotel during the speeches.

I shot this wedding with slightly different gear than normal because of the space inside the church.
I used my two trusty Fuji X-Pro2's , one with the 23mm and the other with the superb XF50-140mm. I forgot how sharp and useful that big zoom is.
I still prefer the smaller primes, as it suits my stealthy approach to a wedding, but I knew a few church shots would need a bigger reach.
At night I used one X-Pro2 and the XF16-55, yes another zoom, but it was horses for courses for this wedding.
I'm still a prime lens fan, and will be back with 2 primes only for next Saturday's wedding in North Berwick - I promise.
The photos are almost straight from camera files. I shoot in Fuji Astia Soft profile, and just tweak the clarity & noise reduction in Lightroom to suit.

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