Customer Survey

It really is an honour to be at a couple's wedding, and I really do appreciate the fact that you took time out - and money - to hire me as your wedding photographer.

I am always looking for ways to move forward & offer a more complete service, so every year, I go back to all our lovely couples and ask if they could help us build a better business by asking a few questions about their wedding photography.

The survey is completely confidential, I have no way of knowing who has sent in the reports, so if you have some comments to make that you think I need to hear, then please do tell me here.

On the same note, I hope everyone of you had a great experience from GWS Photography, and are raving about us to all your friends.

So thank you... and thank you again for doing this survey for me.


Customer Survey

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How did you first encounter GWS *
How did you come across GWS Photography. Was it an ad, a friend recommendation etc ?
Did you check out other photographers ? *
Did you shop around, checking out other photographer's work & prices ?
And why did you book GWS *
Was it price, quality of work, friendly, or something else ?
Insurance & Back Up gear *
How important was it to you that your wedding photographer had insurance & back up equipment ?
How did you find our range of packages ? *
Did you get enough choice of packages & coverage ?
Maybe there was too many choices... or you expected more ? Please tell us.
Did you stay within your photography budget ? *
Did you expect to pay more for your photography, less or maybe you didn't have a budget ?
Value for money ? *
Now that you have seen your photos... do you feel you received value for money ?
Communication with GWS *
How was the communication with GWS Photography throughout the whole process from enquiry to delivery of the finished photos ? Were you ever left wondering what was going on, or do you feel you were kept informed well ?
Speed of return *
Did you receive your digital photos and (if you got one) album in good time ?
Photo presentation *
How did you find the presentation of the finished digital copies and (if you got one) album ? Is there any way this part of the process could be made more special ?
Favourite Photos *
Family / Group shots
Bride & Groom pictures
1st dance
Other dancing shots
Which sections of photography do you like the best from your portfolio ?
Sections missing ? *
Was there any bits of the day you would have liked photographed that may have been missed for any reason ?
How important are family / group photos ? *
A few couples this year asked for more... some asked for less (or even none) family group photos... what do you feel about these now you have had your wedding ?
Bride & Groom photos *
Looking back... do you feel you spent the right amount of time doing the bride & groom only photos ?
Wedding planning priorities - Could you list these 7 things in priority order (see notes under box) *
Could you list these things in priority order - with 1 being most important, when you were planning your wedding... add any other we may have missed out...

Venues , Band/DJ , Photographer , Dress , Cake , Flowers , Type of Ceremony , Catering/Food , Make Up / Hair , Invites , Groomsmen outfits, etc
Slideshow *
Is the slideshow we put into the digital copies & websites an added attraction to our service ? What do you feel about it ?
Our service compared to others *
Now that you have seen your photos, and no doubt other couples wedding photos, do you feel you got a good deal on your photography package compared to theirs ?
Recommend us ? *
Would you recommend us to a friend for their wedding photography ?
Any thoughts on how we could improve ?
Now that all the dust has settled and you've relaxed back into normal life, is there any thoughts you have that would enable us to offer a better service ?
If you feel we deserve one... could you write a small (or large) testimonial that we could use on our web site and marketing.
Number of photos
How do you feel about the quantity of photos you received in the end ?
Too many, not enough, more or less than expected etc
Wedding Magazines
Did you buy/read any Wedding Mags during the planning of your wedding ?
If so , which ones ?
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