Claire & Kenny's wedding at Marshall Meadows

21st July 2017
The wedding blogs are a wee bit out of order now, because of when our couples are coming in for their big screen viewings... some couples go for a 2 week honeymoon/holiday straight after the wedding, some just one week, some wait a few days then head off, and some wait until later in the year.

Anyhoos, Claire & Kenny's wedding was on a day that had wet weather written all over it, but the journey from Dunbar to Berwick, turned the rain to fog, so it wasn't that bad.

I met up with the girls, walking in the front door then following the sound of girly chatter and laughter to the big room up the stairs. No need to ask the staff at the front desk where I'd find today's bride :)

Claire & Kenny's wedding at the fabulous Marshall Meadows in Berwick. June 30th 2017 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

I spent the early parts of the day taking some casual prep photos, checking the weather and the grounds outside for photo spots... and escorting Claire & her bridesmaids around the hotel to make sure Kenny & the guys didn't see them.
Add chaperone to my growing list of extra jobs I do at weddings lol.

The day itself didn't get wet really, the ground was drying up quite well , and although it was still foggy, I showed Claire the ground outside where we could go and she was happy to do as we needed to for photos.

The fog itself got thicker later on and I got quite excited about the possibility of some really amazing, dramatic foggy wedding pictures, but alas it wasn't to be.

After the ceremony, I decided to switch plans and shoot our newly weds around the inside of the hotel first in case the weather got worse.
We went around all the cool, naturally lit parts of the building and got some really lovely photos (even though the manager kept asking me "will I put the big light on for you" everywhere we went. I take it she's never seen a photographer use natural window light before :) Here, I didn't get all these awards by putting on the big light all the time ! ha ha

We then did the family group shots, with the plan to do a short outside session of bride groom pics, but the fog got a bit thicker, and Claire wanted to call it a day.
Always the bride's prerogative.
So the inside window shots turned out to be the good uns for the day.
Foggy shots would have been fantastic , but maybe next time.

Still , this didn't stop everyone from having a great day, Claire looked gorgeous, and Kenny every bit the handsome groom.

The slideshow is below, and underneath that, you'll find a link that will take you to the full Gallery of all the photos.
You can even buy copies direct if you want.

Full Gallery here...

Don't forget to leave a comment below. Were you at the wedding, what was the best bit ? Tell us all the gossip ! lol


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