Chelsey & Cameron's wedding in Berwick

02nd April 2017
Saturday 25th March saw me crossing the Scottish / English border again to nip over to Marshall Meadows for the wedding of Chelsey & Cameron.
It was an absolutely gorgeous Spring day, and once I'd got parked up, it was time to nip upstairs to see the girls and do an excitement check.
Everyone was quite calm, and the girls from Victoria's were doing finishing touches to hair and the likes.
While all that was going on, I went for a walk about outside to check the grounds & make a note of places I fancied a wee photo later on... we had quite a lot of family photos so I knew I'd have to be efficient as possible, and have my spots for photos recced and ready !

The grass was dry, but very soft... weeks of wet weather will mean it will be a few more weeks before we can take any high heels onto the grass there, so I checked with Chelsey that she had brought flat shoes - and indeed she had a bony pair of converse. Perfect.

So fairly shortly - ok maybe a wee bit later than planned because of a lost speech - the guys arrived.
More often than not, the groom & best man are more nervous than when I last saw the bride, it's usually nearer the wedding time by then, and the two guys are always nervous about speeches. We grabbed a few nice pics of the groomsmen, before nipping back upstairs where Chelsey was now in her wedding dress and now was starting to feel a bit more aware of what was coming up :)

At 24 years young, Chelsey is bang on our average age of bride, a boring stat maybe, but it's too easy to be at weddings every week and forget that for this young couple, this is one of the biggest moments of their lives coming up, and to be there and be part of it is always a buzz.
Jeez, me and Ali had been married 2 years before she was even born :/

2pm had arrived and all the guests were in and sat down... our bride-to-be made her way down the stairs where her dad was waiting, and they took each other's arms, had a quick look and smile at each other, then walked out the door and around the corner into the function suite.

Cameron was waiting there and the 2 civil celebrants set about officiating a lovely ceremony. It's a slightly different set up across the border with one person leading the ceremony, whilst another does all the paperwork at the same time.
Or are they just doing a crossword :)
But before we knew it, C&C had said their vows, had their kiss and signed the paperwork - they were now Mr & Mrs Smith - a name not to be taken for granted I can tell you.

We got everyone back out into the sunshine and after a quick set of family photos and a short comfort break, we got Chelsey into her Converse (thanks to her "shoe bitches" - her description, not mine lol), then we set off on my whistle stop tour for about 15 photos I'd planned earlier.

All good, all pretty, and just in time we got an extra batch of group photos before I released the couple to a glass of bubbly, a pint and a seat at their wedding breakfast.

A top day, lovely couple, lovely weather and Marshall Meadows staff on point as always.

Now, should you find that the lovely slideshow up above isn't enough for you, and you'd like to see more photos... you can log into the full Gallery here...

From there you can actually order any prints you'd like and my wonderful lab will post them direcftly to you.
Modern technology and all that.

But here's to Chelsey & Cameron, the new Mr & Mrs Smith !

Please feel free to leave a wee comment below to tell us all what you thought of their wedding day.


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