Carberry Tower & Dunglass pre wedding shoots & new slideshows

12th January 2016
Yes ... at last ! 2016 photography year has started at last. What a long 10 days that was before I got to meet up with Nicola & Jamie at Carberry Tower to chat about their wedding photography there for the wedding in February, and have a quick pre-shoot.
It was a wee bit drizzly, so we spent most of our time inside chatting about the day , but we grabbed a few photos as we planned our photos for the big day.

Carberry Tower is one of those venues where you don't have to worry about the weather, with an abundance of great rooms inside for cracking photos.
Alicia & James's wedding was such a day, so a new slideshow was finished off at the end of last week to show how Carberry Tower can offer amazing photos (well you still have to have a good photographer ;) ) no matter what's going on outside.

Anyhoos, we had a good laugh with Nicola & Jamie, Nicola warning me that she needs a wee bit of booze to settle for photos, but I thought the smiles and laughing made the pictures. But if she wants a tipple on the wedding day, not for me to stop her :)

The new Carberry Tower slideshow is at the bottom of this blog.


And then onto Monday, and my catch up with Soffia & Paul at Dunglass before their big day there in August. A day of "sunshine" dropped in amongst all the drizzle days. I'll have that !
I must say before I forget, it is quite unusual - not wrong in any way - but unusual , to do the pre-wedding shoot at the same venue as the wedding, and here we have 2 days in a row doing just that eh... odd.
What's odder (is that a word) is that I had just finished these 2 new slideshows below, for Carberry Tower & Dunglass, and then it's the two venues I visit, two days in a row.
Now that IS odd. So it saves me writing up 4 separate blogs, I can be tight on the internet web space thing and just have the one.

Anyways, back to the lovely Soffia & Paul, who also brought along new addition Layla, a surprise new guest for the wedding with their lovely new daughter.
It was strange being at Dunglass out of season, it still seems like just days away when I was walking out of the marquee with the music still blasting, as I carried my gear back to the car after Kim & Callum's wedding there. The marquee is still packed away in it's winter box, so before we left, we had a bit of fun - and thinking ahead - by having Soffia & Paul dance on what will be the dance floor come August.
I'll try get the same shot then and have them side by side. (see below and you'll see what I mean).
So we caught some rare winter sunshine for some nice pics, before the grey skies took over. A great catch up and we chatted about how the day will unfold there from the morning right through to us leaving later in the night.
There will be a few new things happening with the photos at this wedding that we haven't done at Dunglass before , at other venues yes, but not at Dunglass.
A lovely get together with Soffia & Paul - another great couple who I know will be a joy to work with.
2 really nice meet ups/shoots, and it's just groovy to be back shooting people again after a few weeks off, there was only so many photos of my dog Shambles I could take before he started asking for sitting fees.

Here's a sample of Soffia & Pauls, and the new Dunglass slideshow is below too.

Practising for the first dance, we'll be back on that spot in August !

Carberry Tower, Alicia & James's wedding in glorious black & white...


Dunglass Estate, Kim & Callum's wedding also in glorious black & white...

Ok folks, that was 4 blogs all squished into one.
Big thanx & hugs to Nicola & Jamie and Soffia & Paul for the pre-shoots.


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