Candid or not... or both ?! Our style.

20th January 2016

We get asked a lot for candid, natural & unposed photography when we shoot weddings, but sometimes we get asked for candid & natural but we also get handed a list of family shots that the couple (or their parents) would like... so is it possible to have both ? Do you want or need both ?
During an average wedding day I reckon about 60-70% of the photographs are what I would call naturally occurring. They are either purely candid captures, or I'll ask the bride or bride & groom to sit/stand somewhere and just relax. Maybe we'll let the couple chat, kiss and then just capture those moments.
Setting up a location then stepping back and letting things just happen.
There are many times throughout the day where we do indeed just capture real "as they happen" moments, and it is possible to shoot a whole wedding like that.

There are many "photographers" out there looking for your money that have on their website "candid & natural". Unfortunately many of them are people who are good with cameras and are giving wedding photography a try-out for some spare cash.
It's like me owning a kettle and making a great Pot Noodle (which I do) and calling myself a Chef.
You want me to do the catering at your wedding ?
Sure - will you want Beef & Tomato or Chicken & Mushroom ?
Those photographers that are not REAL candid photographers are doing just the same as what some of your guests will do, capturing the odd snapshot during the day.
But what happens when they are faced with challenging lighting, or you ask for a dramatic picture with a gorgeous sky behind them ?
Being a "candid & natural" photographer sometimes means "I have no real skills with lighting or posing, so I'll just snap my way through your day".
I was actually asked to review a fairly new photographer's website this week who was advertising themselves as "candid & natural", but they had a whole section of group shots... how does that work ? Are they being true to themselves or just doing what they need to do to get by ?

Right no more negative stuff, that's not my bag.
There ARE real and talented Candid Wedding Photographers out there, look up Kevin Mullins for example - a master of candid wedding photography.
Photographers like Kevin will go un-noticed for most of the day but they will still have a huge skill set to produce amazing photos.
Being a TRUE candid wedding photographer is extremely difficult, having to produce a full set of gorgeous images without any real input on the proceedings.

But I still prefer our way, letting the day unfold, but when we need to, pull out a big light and produce a WOW! image.

If a couple gives us a list of 30 or 40 group shots they'd like, we will advise if it is possible within their wedding day plans.
A big list like that isn't our style either. When we need to, we have a go-to list of about 10 group shots that covers all the basics that most couples need.

And if a couple wants a real full 100% natural day ? We'd be happy to oblige, but there are no rights or wrongs - only what you want on your day.
That's one of the things you can chat over with your photographer during the initial contacts - or even while out on the pre-wedding shoot.

But be wary of someone selling themselves as a "natural" photographer. Ask what they do if your venue is very dark, or if you want a few group shots, or a picture of the mountains behind you...

It pays to ask some questions, see some work, and find out how experienced your photographer is.

We offer a great blend of candid and beautiful images, no going away for hours from your guests. You'll enjoy your wedding day to the max, and be safe in the knowledge that you have amazing photos too.

Please get in touch if you'd like to know more or ask any questions about how you would like your wedding day to flow.

Our style... let the day happen, naturally, but when we need to, or when it will make a WOW! image... we know how to.

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