An unplugged wedding ?? Yes please !

07th July 2014
Can guests spoil some wedding photos ?
Seems a bit harsh, but this kind of thing happens at a lot of weddings.
There are many ways guests can be a bit over excited, or the opposite, and seem like they don't really care, but it's worth having a think about.

Guests popping up at awkward places with cameras and iphones.

This can be especially bad if you are planning a nice church wedding, or in any venue really where you've dreamed about and planned that lovely walk down the aisle.
Your official photographer for the day will have some shots lined up to get a beautiful shot as you slowly make your way down the aisle to stand beside your fiance.
But lots (lots and lots and lots!) of these and similar shots are spoiled by guests jumping out with iphones and the likes. Instead of being there, at your wedding, feeling the love. They want to watch it through the back of their phone.
Fair enough, it's the modern way, but guests have to realise couples pay a lot of money for photography, and some of the photos they pay for are lost to "Pal Paperazzi".

Some couples do actually tell guests these days that their wedding is "unplugged". No iphones or photos other than the official photographers. Guests are requested to just enjoy the day.
(Google Unplugged Wedding)
There's also a great blog at the bottom of this page.

You'll never stop everyone snapping away all day, and you probably shouldn't try to either, but throughout the planning of the day, the invites, and even asking the Celebrant on the day to remind guests to "please no photography until after the ceremony" or the likes.

I'm not saying that this is the right way to do things, some couples might want everyone to join in, take photos constantly and get them on Facebook and Instagram faster than Sky News.
But then why pay a lot of money for an official photographer ?
There's pros and cons to both sides here, but from the experience of many weddings, the photographs that I know the couple would love are sometimes not possible as Aunt May or Cousin Steve have decided to ninja roll out behind you as you walk up the aisle and snap away.

(This actually happened to me very recently in a lovely big church, me positioned up in the balcony looking right down the aisle as the bride walked up with dad, and every shot ruined by a guest kneeling out on the floor behind her. She even asked me afterwards "Did you get a nice shot of her walking down the aisle?")

I'm not here to say ban all other photography from weddings... far from it. Some of the best shots during the day are got by me from watching friends taking photos of each other, so I'll pop up and say "one for me too please". Friends always pose better for other friends instead of an unknown photographer - when they can get all stiff and official.

But at certain bits of the day - your guests should be there to witness the love a couple are pronouncing for each other and just watch with admiration.
The couple took time and money to invite them to their big day... so they should honour their wishes and enjoy the moment.

Here, this has been a bit of a negative thing from me today eh ??? lol
But I do believe couple need to think about this, as it may matter to some.


I said it :)

And an American video blog...


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