Broxmouth Park wedding photography

05th January 2016
Broxmouth Park in Dunbar is another of our favourite wedding venues, and this blog is our third in the series top wedding locations.
It's our first of these blogs for 2016, having started this series last year.

So here's to number 3 and what a venue this blog is about ! Amazing in every respect.

Broxmouth Park is probably one of the most important sites in the local area as regards history. It's the site where Oliver Cromwell was based in 1650, for the Battle of Dunbar, which in turn led to Cromwell being the famous leader that he turned out to be. A Battle that by numerical odds he should have lost.
But history aside, the house that stands on the grounds now, and the grounds themselves are nothing short of remarkable.
A fantastic mansion house, with amazing large rooms, huge wooded grounds and even a lake.

There's a choice of where to have the wedding ceremonies at Broxmouth, whether inside or out - or on the sweeping stairs at the side of the house.

You know I'm always biased on these Blogs towards how the photography can be shaped at venues, and Broxmouth offers it all. It's a fairly weather proof location - so that no matter what happens on the day, there are plenty areas to create and capture beautiful photographs.

We shoot every wedding with a view that we should capture the emotions and the moments. We're always as discrete as we can be watching the day unfold and being there to record those special glances, touches and thoughts.
Sure, now and again we'll ask some family members to stand together, and on most days some family members will ask for a few shots with the bride & groom... but we aim to capture the day as it happens.
We like to take the bride & groom away for 15-20 minutes, after all the rush and hub-ub of the ceremony and celebrations straight afterwards, but that's as much for them to enjoy a bit of alone time as anything else.
At those points we'll ask them to stand together and just watch as they chat, kiss and tell each other how their mornings unfolded before they met to announce their marriage.

At Broxmouth, we'll often go to the lake for 10 minutes, or into the woods, or even just around the house. We're spoiled for choice there

Below are two slideshows from the same wedding at Broxmouth, one is almost fully candid and unposed, showing one whole aspect of our work, the other a more set story of the day. Hopefully this will give you the feel of how we approach the day, and let the wedding flow so you - and all your guests enjoy every minute of your time at Broxmouth Park.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our services, and feel free to leave a comment below if you've been at a wedding at Broxmouth, tell us your favourite moments.


Thanks for looking in.....

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