Allanagh & Michael's wedding at Barony Castle

27th November 2015
When I met up with Allanagh & Michael in October for the pre-wedding shoot, it became clear that they were a real fun couple, not fussed about being the centre of attention, but enjoyed each other's company, and enjoyed having a laugh.
It's important to get a feel for how a couple are and how they want their big day to go.
And with a mid November wedding planned, temperatures meant we were going to have to know our plan and get through things quick.

(Some of the pre-shoot pictures)

Come the wedding day, myself and partner in photography Annie slid along the icy roads and arrived at Barony Castle early enough to scout the area out to see where would be safe to go for photos.
We set up camp and then started our meet and greets with everyone, Allanagh & sister Meaghan still in their onesies while getting hair & make up done.
The guys were a tad late in getting ready, in fact it was almost a case of out the shower and into the wedding with Mike & brother Iain, so we had to tweak our usual shoot plan. But hey ho, it's a wedding day, we're always prepared to change our flight plan at any opportunity :)

The build up to ceremony soon flew past and before we knew it we were downstairs ready for Allanagh & dad to walk into the wedding.
There were giggles throughout the afternoon as this happy couple went through the procedures until it was all done... married !

Soon, with family photos in the can, we wrapped up as warm as we could and using Annie's nose as a cold meter (it gets redder as she gets colder) we did a circuit of the grounds with lots of beautiful shots of the gorgeous couple. For a bride that admits she isn't overly girly - Allanagh can pull off some lovely looks.
I'd have quite happily have stayed out another half an hour, but with Annie's nose flashing deep red - we tentatively got back in across the icey bridge and got everyone warmed up.

Speeches then dinner were followed by a small break as the band - Groove Culture - set up for the evening frolics.
The party was soon in full swing, but all too soon it was past our bed time and a bit later than normal we loaded the car back up and what was a fantastic wedding day was over for us.
It is absolutely true when people tell you a wedding day goes quick, it felt like minutes had only passed as we headed up the road, even though almost 12 hours had passed.
It's always worth it though, Allanagh & Mikey were a joy to be around - they soaked up the love around them , and not once all day did we see anyone not smiling.
It makes our jobs so worth while.

So.... here's a sample of the photos that we're working away on, and the slideshow is above too ^^

The full portfolio will be in our Gallery section by the end of the weekend, and our new Mr & Mrs Gray will have to give you the password to view them all.

Please let us (and Allanagh & Michael) what you think of the photos, and the wedding itself if you were there, by leaving a comment below.

Congrats again to Allanagh & Michael.



Photo comment By Gerry: Grahame You and Annie (how she suffered for her art) did a great job, the photos are really good and you have captured the day superbly.
Photo comment By Allanagh: "Like!" :) Thanks, Grahame! You've done an awesome job again! Mikey and I are both chuffed at the amount of great photos you and Annie have taken, you've captured the day perfectly! :D x
Photo comment By JEAN HIGGINS: Lovely photos. A beautiful bride, who looks so happy. A great family ,all round.
Photo comment By Christine: Great photos Grahame. We were sorry we couldn't make it but you captured Allanagh and Michaels day so well we could see they had a wonderful day.
Photo comment By aileen crawford: what beautiful photos, it looked a magical day.

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