Alison & Barry's wedding at St Mary's, Haddington

15th September 2016
This is a wedding that I've waited about 6 years to do... and as far as I know, I think Alison waited even longer :)

For me, it's because I'd never shot a wedding in St Mary's before, and in the 6 years since I've been back doing weddings full time, I've been hankering to get in there. It was odd, as a year or so back I was across the road at The Maitlandfield House Hotel , and chatting with someone and I said I'd never shot a wedding at the church over there... then within a few days, Barry's dad was in seeing me booking up the wedding.
Happy days.

With regards to Allison waiting longer, I'll let them tell you that story lol

So the big day came, me 'n Annie met up with the girls & dad at the house in Haddington and it was all very casual and relaxed. We had bags of time before I was due to meet up with Barry & the guys at the pub for a quickie... a quick photo mind... but maybe we were all too relaxed as Annie poked me... "Dad, it's quarter to one now..." with the girls no-where near their dresses, so it was 10 minutes of manic... a typical wedding day really.

I got to the Tyneside just as Barry & Willie were leaving so we just headed along to the church and set up camp there.
St Mary's is an amazing & huuuge church, but unfortunately photographers are sent upstairs to the gallery to take photos. It's ok for videographers to be on ground level, but not us talented photographers ! Discrimination I tell you !
We made do as best we could , using the Fuji's amazing 50-140mm lens to get up close to the action.

Once the ceremony was wrapped up, and a couple of family pics done we had a quick stroll through the gardens nearby, and along the river Tyne.
We got a few cracking pics looking down on Alison & Barry from the Nungate Bridge.

Our happy couple had the use of a nice bright red Hotrod for taking them to North Berwick, so before we handed them over to the caring hands of Dave at The Glen, we grabbed a few pics in the sunshine up the top of the hill... then into dinner... then into a cake cutting... then the newly weds decided to chat with evening guests as the band were dying to get started.
It was quite funny as they dropped hint after hint to get them onto the dance floor... but they were just chilling with their friends :)

Before we left, I managed to get our happy couple outside in the blue sunset for a last photo on the beach ... it was well worth it as I let them cuddle under the moody laste summer sky.

All in all another super day. It was a bit back to front at times as regards how we shoot weddings... with many of the family shots being done after dinner... but every day is a new thing so I'm not complaining. The photos are great, Alison & Barry had a ball and the party went on well after I'd left.

The main slideshow is below... and the full gallery of photos will be available to view soon here...

You'll be able to view all the photos and even order prints directly.

Let us know what you think of the photos... and if you were at the wedding... leave a message below...

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